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Smoloko is a independent run news-organization which always strives to deliver you recent and past educational and informative information available to you. Whether the subject is false-flag terrorism, the Illuminati central banking cartel or world-wide masonic misconduct, we will always cover it.

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13 thoughts on “About us !

  1. Your facebook link doesn’t seem to work. Zio’s don’t like your site much I would imagine. At least that is how I found this site!

  2. They are kicked out of every nation except the u.s. where brainwashed christians support this synagogue of satan. Here they run our govt which is why 95 million can’t find a decent job, and we have been in 65 wars, Kennedys were assassinated, satanism is in our gov & media, million kids missing and no one even knows about it in zion news network and mass Graves of murdered kids aren’t investigated or reported on. These zionists run banking system which is why we are all being gouged with usurious interest on credit cards, they promote common core, transgender, gays and homosexuality as well as abortions….they really are the synagogue of satan!!! They should be charged with treason and arrested!

  3. Dear Scottie,

    I am a frequent visitor to Smoloko.com and really enjoy your insight. Please contact me either by phone which is 702-302-7978 or my e-mail. I wish to share with you some information on the traditional Catholic movement that you might enjoy.

    Thank you,

    Mark C. Zirzow, Jr.

  4. Smoloko Instagram was taken down as well..
    Im very active on Instagram , and it was bound to happen..

    How do I get in touch with whoever runs this page? I am planning to extensively study Zionism and the roots of Judaism and their connections to turmoil and their sneaky ways.

  5. Jew removal is the only solution. Christianity is the main support of Judaism and must also be destroyed. All religion is conman fraud. Anyone who circumcises babies should have their hands axed off, seared over with a blowtorch and thrown into the swamp.

      1. Queen Vegetable has been taken in by conman religion and Chritinsanity. Religions attempt to insert a priest between you and your creator so they can rake off tax free money to live good while people are starving down the street under the bridge. When a church is on fire they call for the fire department and not Jesus. Jesus was so stupid he had to fake his own death to escape the Jews.
        How much money have you given to your fat preacher, Queen Vegetable? Did your mommy and daddy have you circumcised at birth thus warping your mind as you demonstrate?

  6. There are a lot of Anti-Jew blogs out there. All put forth all the pertinent facts about Jews and their Shabbos Goy suck ups. People like Kaminski are notable. What none of them do is offer a solution to dealing with Jews. Christianity will always let the Jews get by with everything and they turn the other cheek and “love your (Jew) neighbor as yourself.” The Jews are slapping their thighs and doing back flips on that one. We now have a Jew and Israel lover going into the Oval Office. Once Drumpf has the Israeli capital and the American embassy moved to Jerusalem the Arab world will be inflamed. This will also set off Iran which will strike all western interest oil ports in the Persian Gulf and cause the USA to strike Iran which will cause Russia to strike Israel and the USA. That will cause Israel to initiate its Sampson Option and among other targets of Israeli nuclear armed subs will be Rome which Jews have held a grudge against since 70 AD when Rome destroyed the 2nd Temple and scattered Jews to the 4 corners.
    Nostradamus who was a secret Jew got the exact date of 911 to the day. He and St. Malachy accurately predicted the current Pope Francis who took the name of St. Francis one of whose given names was Pietro or Peter. Thus Peter of Rome will be and is the last Pope who will perish when Israel hits Rome with blood lust revenge and the “Seven Hills (Rome) will fall.
    China will hold back as long as possible as they want to be the last man standing. Thus according to Nostradamus will give rise to the “King of the Mongols”. As nuclear winter sets in all food will cease to grow and fallout will kill most left after the initial strike.
    There is only one power that can prevent this and that is a benevolent extraterrestrials race. It remains to be seen if they will neutralize nuclear missiles and Israeli prepositioned missiles in world capitals or simply let the war take its course. If they choose they can evacuate viable human species but it will be doubtful that any Jews will be saved as that is what has caused all these problems in the first place.
    All Christian churches are citadels of fear, fraud and ignorance. Reincarnation and karma is what happens and the concept of Hell and damnation has caused the hearts of millions to be hardened and untold numbers of wars to be fought and things like the Inquisition to be instigated. All religion is to be destroyed. After which the ETs may reintroduce an improved and telepathic human species back into the Earth. It may happen this year. Prepare accordingly.

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