obamas hypocrisy

arms terrorists abroad but is for gun control – typical behavior of a jew communist puppet president working for the jwo –

GOVERNMENTS NOT GUNS are the worst mass murderers in history.  Yet we are supposed to give them exclusive control of firearms ?


It was truly gut-wrenching to watch and listen to Jew puppet Obama speaking to the country yesterday about the problems of ‘gun violence’ and how we need more ‘gun control’ when one knows that this fraud is arming terrorists to the teeth in Syria to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government and waging countless other illegal and unconstitutional dirty wars from the Ukraine to Yemen. So after a couple minutes of watching this monster while childishly name-calling and throwing things at the TV to help relieve my anger and frustration, I noticed something. It seems like Rothschild and his masonic posse got their token negro cutout president some more acting lessons to help sell the public on more Zionist gun grabbing legislation.  

If you watched Obama yesterday you could tell the tears were very real (not sincere) but that’s what a good actor does and can do, cry on demand. Yes it appears Obama has been taught a new skill by his Judaeo central banking masters and he is using it exceptionally well this time to their advantage. The last time Obama appeared to cry over the ridiculously faked and staged sandyhook event was shortly after the ‘shooting’ ( staged fema drill ) took place during a press conference and it looked totally fake because clearly you could see no tears. ( below)

But not this time ! Obama really gave us quite the performance at his latest gun control press conference. Some other indepedent reports suggest Obama may have used a onion to help get the tears rolling, but if not, he surely has been trained for this sort of thing like we mentioned above by the central bankers allies in Hollywood or somewhere in Langley, after all, almost every president for the last 100 years despite a decent few have all been actors playing the same JNWO game reading from the same Globalist/Zionist script that calls for the transformation of America into a centrally controlled, degenerate, bankrupt, and warmongering cesspool that is modern-day America under Barack Obama. SURPRISE ? Not really. ( pics below display Obama’s most recent staged crying performance)ObamaCryingSandyhookGunHoaxMeme


SO here we are in this new year and Obama’s time as president is just about up. Expect to see a ton more falseflags and psyops designed to be used as a pretext to undermine, if not eventually destroy the 2nd amendment. Obama is angry the Sandyhook hoax failed to achieve its intended goal of more gun control so he will be determined to use every second he has left in office before the end of this year to take our guns at the behest of the JWO.  I instinctively know that Obama’s Jew puppet masters in Tel Aviv, London and New York are in a rage over his failed but bloody and destructive attempt to overthrow Assad in Syria which has halted the implementation of their ‘Greater Israel’ plan so they are really banking, no pun intended, banking on their puppet to at the very least, move forward with some constitution crushing gun grabbing executive orders and he will only be able to justify more executive orders of this nature with another sandyhook, but this time on steroids. These evil Talmudic inspired central bankers who hold our governments,media,schools,police and military hostage through debt wont stop, they won’t fucking stop with the falseflag shootings and massacres until they are able to institute a global police state (New Jew World Order) to ensure that no nation challenges their credit monopoly or defaults on their “debt” and this is the primary reason for ‘gun control’.

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