So here we are again, another Israeli sponsored terror campaign slaughtering a near 2 thousand Palestinians in just a little less than 3 weeks. Yet the western political and cultural institutions don’t blink an eye..Hell, they support it ! The Zionist US senate unanimously passed a resolution supporting Rothschild’s Israel and their aggression on Gaza. The meme below says it all…

RothschildZionistUSgovernmentAnd aren’t you tired of these so called “men of the people” who have sold their souls to the Zionist banking cartel ? Including fuckers like Glen Beck.Sean Hannity,Rush Limbaugh etc…They are all Rothschild front-men, knowingly or unknowingly.

GLENBECKzionistMEMEHey Glen, if you’re reading this, I just want to let you know that we know your a stooge for the Zionist media. You’re essentially a fat,untalented,ugly pig. No matter how much bullshit you spout on the air trying to sound like a big man, you will always remain a pig. Same goes for you Hannity, you’re a fat fucking squealing little piggy protecting the Zionist war-crimes taking place in Gaza now. But don’t worry Sean, the devil has a nice spot waiting for you next to him in the next realm. You just don’t sell your soul for millions o $$$ and get away with it…So everytime you utter a word Sean towing the line for your Zionist handlers, remember you will get what you give, what goes around comes around.

HannityMemeOh and let’s not forget Megyn Kelly, oh baby do I have alot to tell you ! You think you’re so beautiful , but really you’re not. You came cheap and we all know it. You’re a whore, or no no. you’re a presstitute for Murdoch’s Zionist Fox News…How many Jew dicks did you have to suck to get to where you are today baby ? I’m betting alot..but I won’t worry too much, the devil has a nice place waiting for you in the next realm…You like Sean and the other Zionist disinfo agents on Rothschild’s Media Networks will not get away with this in the spiritual realm. God knows all of you have sold your souls to the devil via his satanic organized Jewry which pays you and puts the food in your belly.  As I was saying though, you really are a cheap whore Megyn. You know the saying, “you can put makeup on a pig, but it’ still a pig”.. Well that goes for you.  MegynKellyZionistMeme

megyn the “news reporter” is not a reporter – she’s a info-tainer slut for the zionist media – look at her big ego shining on late-night with seth myers…since when did the “news reporter” become the CELEBRITY ? nobody gives a fuck about your extravagant life-style megyn, we all know your only rich because you’re a whore bitch for rothschild fox news…this is not forgetting about all the other fuckers on rothschild’s msnbc,abc,nbc,cbs,etc…




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