New Tarantino Film Features Black-on-White Gay Rape (NSFW)

By Andrew Anglin (Dailystormer)


Quentin Tarantino’s latest anti-racist propaganda film, entitled The Hateful Eight, features an interracial gay rape scene, where a Black man forces a White man to perform oral sex on him as revenge for the civil war.

The film takes place during the wake of the civil war, in Wyoming. Eight people get trapped by a blizzard in a building, and the film plays out like an ultra-violent version of Clue, as the characters attempt to figure out who is involved in what sort of trickery.

Wholesome fun. What happened to wholesome fun?
above – What happened to wholesome fun?

The film is long and boring. But, as Tarantino has become a main figure in the degrading of our culture, I thought it was necessary to take a look and see what is being poured into people’s heads this round. What I found was not especially surprising.

Tarantino has been aggressively supporting Black Lives Matter as of late, and the film is consciously a piece of anti-racist propaganda, in the way that his previous two films have been. These films compose an anti-White trilogy, featuring allegedly oppressed persons engaged in outrageous sadistic abuse of Whites.IngloriousBastardsTarantinoMeme1


His 2009 film Inglorious Basterds featured Jews torturing and killing Nazis. Actor Eli Roth referred to the film as “Jewish torture porn.”

An NSDAP officer is beat to death with a baseball bat by a Jew in a graphic scene in Inglorious Basterds

In 2012 he made Django Unchained, a film about Black slaves torturing and killing Whites. Performing on Saturday Night Live to promote the film, Black actor Jamie Foxx said, “I kill all the White people in the movie – how great is that?”

The Hateful Eight kicks the anti-White sadism up a notch with a forced interracial gay blowjob.

Samuel L. Jackson plays the film’s protagonist, former Yankee soldier Major Marquis Warren, who is working as a bounty hunter. Also locked in the chamber is Confederate general General Sandy Smithers, played by Bruce Dern.

All the Whites in the film are evil, but Dern is especially evil – we know this because he uses the word “nigger” more aggressively than any other character.


The forced gay oral sex scene comes in the form of a story told to Dern by Jackson. Jackson wants to kill Dern due to an alleged atrocity he committed against Blacks during the civil war. Jackson lays a gun down on the table next to Dern, and begins explaining how he encountered Dern’s son on a mountain some months back. He tells the story of finding out that the man was the son of a hated Confederate general, he forced him to strip naked and walk for two hours through the snow.


He says that the son begged for a blanket, and Jackson told him he’d give him one if he performed oral sex on him. The film then actually shows the gay oral sex scene.


Jackson goes on for several minutes, giving the details of the blowjob as the movie moves back and forth from the flashback. Dern eventually grabs the gun and tries to shoot Jackson, at which point Jackson shoots and kills him “in self-defense.”

But Why a Gay Forced Interracial Blowjob?

This is on some level merely shock material; Tarantino has continually pushed the boundaries of acceptability, as part of a purposeful operation to undermine cultural standards, and there was very little left to do to shock people other than forced gay interracial oral sex.

But the shock material Tarantino uses is focused on degrading the White man as much as possible in the name of his Jewish masters, the Weinstein Brothers, who have produced all three of his racial activist films.


above – Tarantino (center) and the Jewish Weinsteins.

Ironically, having a Black hero force a White man to suck on his penis probably doesn’t really bring much sympathy to the Black cause. The scene will come off as deeply repulsive to any normal White person. The compulsive desire to play out torture fantasies against Whites appears to have overpowered the narrative problems with making your hero a gay rapist.

It will be interesting to see how the film – the gay interracial forced blowjob scene in particular, which is what people are going to walk out of the film thinking about – is received by the masses. My prediction is that even young people will view this as having gone too far. It may even help to wake people up to the fact that the Jewish entertainment media is deliberately pushing the dehumanization of Whites, especially White men.

smoloko sidenote –
Frank Britton’s – “BEHIND COMMUNISM” – pp 64 – states the following

“Propaganda in the Movies- For many years Hollywood limited its activities to the more subtle types of propaganda, but in recent years this has changed. Hollywood has now committed itself to producing at least four “race” pictures annually. Most of these pictures are destined beforehand to lose money, and are made for purely propaganda purposes. Some are so inflammatory they cannot be shown in certain sections of the United States.IlluminatiJewishWhitePeopleMeme

Typical examples of this type of picture are: “Intruder in the Dust,” “Pinky,” “Crossfire,” “Gentleman’s Agreement,” “No Way Out,” and “Home of the Brave.” Invariably these pictures seek to inflame minority groups by portraying them as being abused and persecuted by white “bigots.” Such propaganda is frankly designed to arouse race hatred among Negroes, Mexicans, Jews, and other so-called minority groups.

These people are being systematically taught to think and act in terms of race–they are being taught a hate philosophy. But there is another aspect to this kind of propaganda.

While minorities are being taught race consciousness the white majority is instilled with a sense of guilt for these “wrongs” committed against minority groups. We are taught that consciousness of race is “un-American” and a manifestation of bigotry. We are told that all races are the same, and that we should discard the concept of race.

In this respect, all Jewish propaganda squares exactly with the communist line. There is a popular misconception to the effect that communism strives to set one race against another. This is a half-truth, which means it is more dangerous than a lie. The one thing communists fear more than anything else is a rebirth of race consciousness among the great white majority of the Christian world

The communists remember that the very instant the German people became race-conscious, they turned with deadly fury against Jewish-communism. They know the same thing could happen in this country.

Therefore, all communist–and Jewish–propaganda is directed in an effort to destroy every vestige of race consciousness among the white people. That is what red propagandists seek to achieve with their propaganda movies and their “tolerance campaigns.” 

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