The Real Reason Why Germany Must Perish

by the rebel of oz

Thanks to the Internet and history books such as Germar Rudolf’s “Lectures on the Holocaust”, Thomas Goodrich’s “Hellstorm” and Mike King’s “The Bad War”, a lot of people are now aware of the infamous Jewish World War II blueprints for the eradication of the German people, such as the bestselling book “Germany Must Perish! ”, and the equally genocidal “Morgenthau Plan” and “Kaufman Plan”.


When first confronted with the inconvenient truth — that leading Jews had conspired to commit genocide on the German people, both during and after the end of World War II — the usual Pavlovian reaction is to make references to the alleged German murder of six million Jews and Germany’s supposed sole responsibility for World War II.

Of course, the victor’s narrative is complete bullshit. If it were true, revisionists would not be prevented from defending themselves by providing evidence that their incriminating statements are true. What the apologists of the Allied war crimes are implying is that the murder of 20 million Germans was justified because the Germans had supposedly tried to kill all European Jews.

To some extent, I can relate to this logic. If a distinct group of people is planning to eradicate your own, and already started to implement those plans, then it would seem justifiable to do whatever it takes to stop them and ensure they cannot possibly try it ever again, if you know what I mean?


The only problem with this logic, though, is that Jewish leaders had already planned and called for the destruction of Germany and the eradication of the German people long before Hitler took his first discriminatory actions against Jews.

As early as August 1933, Samuel Untermeyer, president of the World Jewish Economic Federation, called together a large congress of Jewish leaders from all over the world to declare war on Germany in the name of the Jews. The meeting was held in Amsterdam, Holland. Upon returning to the United States from that meeting, Untermeyer made a speech on Radio Station WABC (N.Y.) on August 6, 1933, in which he announced that the Jews of the world had declared war on Germany and would starve them to death. This was long before any action of any kind had been taken against any Jew, and six years before military action was initiated in 1939.


“We have been at war with him (Hitler) from the day that he gained power” stated the London Jewish Chronicle May 8, 1942 in its “Sermon of the Week.”

Rabbi M. Perlzweig, head of the British Section of the World Jewish Congress, speaking in Canada, stated: “The World Jewish Congress has been at war with Germany for seven years.” (Toronto Evening Telegram, February 26, 1940.)

The Dutch-Jewish paper, Centraal-Blaad Voor Israeliten in Nederland, declared on September 13, 1939: “The millions of Jews who live in America, England and France, North and South Africa, and, not to forget, those in Palestine, are determined to bring the war of annihilation against Germany to its final end.”


We must remember that at this time (September 13, 1939) the war was less than two weeks old, and no concentration camps, no gas chambers, etc., for Jews or anybody else had been set up, or were even alleged to be in existence. (The whole “gas chamber” story was nothing but another Jewish lie, as we will see in another chapter.)

The Chicago Jewish Sentinel on October 8, 1942, declared: “The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism.” Indeed it was. To be more specific, in behalf of the Jews themselves. They knew it, they instigated it, they perpetrated it, they stage-managed it, The naive and gullible goyim, meanwhile, slaughtered each other with a vengeance, not knowing, or not wanting to know, who the real perpetrators, the real war criminals were.


Vladimir Jabotinsky, Jew-communist and founder of the Irgun terrorist organization, wrote in the January 1934 issue of Natcha Retch: “The fight against Germany has been carried on for months by every Jewish community, conference, congress, trade organization, by every Jew in the world. There is reason to believe that our part in the struggle will be of general value. We shall let loose a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany’s ambition is to become a great nation again, to reconquer her lost territories and colonies. Our Jewish interests, on the other hand, demand the complete destruction of Germany. The German nation is collectively and individually a danger to us Jews.”

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judah declares war

In fact, Jewish leaders all over the world formally and very publicly declared war on Germany – on Germany, not just on Hitler – as early as 24 March 1933, shortly after Hitler was appointed Chancellor as part of a broad conservative coalition.

The real roots of the Jewish Germanophobia

There can’t be any doubts that the Jews hate us Germans. You only need to watch their body language when one is speaking German or revealing a German accent in a crowded Jewish area. It says it all.WhyJewryHatesGermanyMeme

It has nothing to do with all the Holocaust brainwashing. It’s just as much about bad conscience as it is about hate and fear. The Jews know all too well that the six-million-gassed-Jews story is a political and financial extortion scam. They might be naturally born actors and con men and – like a professional – practice telling their lies until they have completely internalised them, but deep down they haven’t forgotten that it’s all bullshit. The only reason they react so defensively when we call their bluff is that they are worried what’s going to happen if too many of us “gullible Goyim” find out.

However, the real roots of the Jewish Germanophobia go back 1,600 years. The reason they hate us, more than any other people, is that we foiled their plans for world conquest more than just once. We have foiled them five times.

  1. Repulsion of the Hun invasion

In 451, a Roman army, consisting mostly of Germanic Visigoths, defeated the Hun army lead by Attila in the famous Battle of the Catalaunian Fields.

De Neuville The Huns at the Battle of Chalons

The battle was strategically inconclusive because the Huns still managed to loot and pillage much of Gaul and cripple the military capacity of the Romans and that of the Visigoths. However, the Huns were weakened sufficiently to be destroyed three years later, by a coalition of their former Germanic vassals at the Battle of Nedao, and were pushed all the way back from Hungary to the Black Sea, where they formed the Khanate of Khazaria and enriched themselves by dominating the ancient Silk Road. Two centuries later the Khazar Huns converted to Judaism so as to be able to trade with both their Muslim and Christian neighbours, who were at war with each other, and eventually they forgot about their Mongolian-Turkic, phallus-worshipping roots. Those Khazar Huns are the ancestors of today’s Ashkenazim, who are 90% of modern Jews.

phallus cult

2 – Repulsion of the Jewish-Islamic Moor invasion .

A mere 380 years later, our Germanic ancestors saved Europe again from annihilation, this time as attempted by the Moors, a coalition of converted Jewish Berbers and Muslim Arabs.

In 732, Karl Martel, the leader of the Franks, an alliance of Germanic tribes created by the Romans, defeated the Moors at the Battle of Poitiers, forcing the Moors to retreat to Spain and Portugal and give up on their plans to conquer Europe.
Steuben Bataille de Poitiers

What’s important about the motivation behind the Moor invasion is that it was as much about Islamisation of Europe for the Muslim Arabs, as it was about economic exploitation by Jewish Berbers, the ancestors of today’s Sephardim who make up 7% of modern Jews.

3. Halting of the Mongolian invasion

Five hundred years later our ancestors did it again. With the help of our Germanic cousins from Scandinavia, the Rus principalities, under German leadership, rose up against the coalition of ethnic Turk Mongols and Jewish convert Khazarians, stalling their attempt to subjugate or annihilate the peoples of Europe in the Battle of Kalka River in 1223. Another Mongolian invasion followed from 1237 to 1240 but collapsed after the death of Ögedei Khan, the Mongolian leader. The Rus principalities were forced to submit to Mongol rule, but at least the rest of Europe was saved.

4. Repulsion of the Turk invasion

Another 400 years later, in 1683, the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation – in a coalition with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth – defeated the Turks at the Battle of Vienna, not only putting an end to a two-month siege of the city but also to Turkish ambitions of conquering all of Europe.

battle of vienna

The Jewish component, in this case, might be less obvious. You have to consider though that many, if not most important political positions in the Ottoman Empire, up to Grand-Vizier level, were infested with Jews, similar to the situation in America and Britain today.

What is more, Ashkenazi, Khazars, Mongols and Turks are ethnically virtually the same. The only difference is that the Khazars rape-married Eastern Gothic girls whereas the Turks rape-married Greeks. No wonder Israelis and Turks are such good friends.

Turks and Jews always got along like a house on fire. In fact, it was the Jews of Byzantium that used their money and connections to facilitate the Turkish conquest of the Byzantine Empire, which is why they got expelled to Khazaria, which is where they talked the Khazar Huns into converting to Judaism.

In other words, by halting the Turkish conquest of Europe, our German ancestors thwarted the Jewish conquest of Europe for the fourth time. This also means that by forcing the German post-World War II government import millions of Turks into their country, making Berlin the second-biggest Turkish city in the world, the Jews/Khazars/Huns have effectively reversed that defeat.

5. Halting of the Judeo-Bolshevik Invasion

“Operation Barbarossa” in 1941 was the most recent case where we Germans thwarted the 5000-year-old Hebrew vision of world conquest under the instructions of their genocidal psychopath of a war god, Yahweh, who ordered them to subjugate the Earth.

A lot of people don’t realise that 90% of Communists were Jewish, and 90% of Jews were Communists, in other words, they were virtually the same. Communism was nothing but a deceptive political vehicle to take over power and enslave entire countries.


When Adolf Hitler did the seemingly crazy thing of attacking the heavily armed Soviet Union, at a time when he was already at war or close to war with two other military superpowers, Great Britain and the United States, it was in a desperate attempt to improve the odds for Germany by anticipating the imminent Soviet attack. At that time, the Soviet Union had already moved division after division close to the German border. It was producing 5-10 times the numbers of tanks, machine guns, cannons and airplanes that Germany was able to produce. In other words, every month Germany’s odds got worse. Given the Soviet Union’s repeated brutalising of neighbouring countries and its openly stated ambition of conquering the world, there could not have been any doubt that Stalin was getting ready for an assault on Germany. Operation Barbarossa weakened Stalin’s military build-up sufficiently to make it come to a grinding halt halfway, and were it not for the massive British and American support for the Soviet Union, Hitler would have won the war.

This is why the Jews hate us. This is why they have us earmarked for death. Seventy years ago, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin “only” killed a quarter of us, “only” 20 million, mostly defenceless POW and civilians, until Western Christians had “enough.” Read or watch Thomas Goodrich’s “Hellstorm” if you want to find out more.

If the Jews are good at anything other than bribing, stealing, robbing, lying, cheating, deceiving, enslaving, prostituting, raping, torturing and killing, it is in managing risks. They won’t take the risk of letting us Germans stay alive while they are in their end game for fulfilling their war god Yahweh’s orders of conquering the world and killing or enslaving every single non-Jew.


We Germans are way too dangerous for the realisation of their psychopathic maniac plans. From their point of view, we are an bigger risk factor than other white people, and they are next to go.

It is not only that we can think, like most other white people, outside of the three dimensions of the Jew-niverse, money, power and sex, making us virtually impossible to control. We are willing, more than any other Whites, to stand up and fight and – if necessarily – die for the things that are important to us, such as justice, fairness, freedom and rights.

This is why the Jews are now sending in the “Syrians”, mostly to Austria, Germany and other Germanic countries such as Sweden.  Millions of guaranteed, 100% psychopathic ISIS mercenaries, fully trained and armed by our Jew-controlled American “allies”, will get the job done properly this time around…. unless, of course, enough of us wake up in time and thwart the Jewish world conquest plans again, for the sixth and last time.

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