obama’s isil sleeper cells waiting to be activated in the us ? nwo police state coming soon ? image

the international jew wants syria under his orbit, he’ll stop at nothing and if that means bringing isil home to america to scare the goy into sending american boots on the ground to syria he will do it, AND THERE ARE HUGE RED SIGNS he is doing it through his proxy dictator at the jew-house on 1600 PENNSYLVANIA avenue.


We know Obama funded and armed ISIL and still is,we know he’s using them in a effort to overthrow and dispose of  the legitimate Syrian government in Syria at the behest of the Jewish money power that owns him like a little bitch and we know he’s allowing 10,000 Syrian refugees in America, they’re already here in New Orleans. Instinct tells me this spineless homosexual crack-cocaine snorting communist sociopath is bringing his Talmudic tyrants (ISIL) into the US en-mass under the guise of ‘Syrian refugees’ and the wholly Jewish owned western lame-stream media is complicit in this act of  treason for not raising one word of protest. Never asking once, ‘hmm could there be some ISIL members in these groups of refugee’s ?’ Nope not one word. Scary right ?

I hope I am wrong but my instincts tell me that something big is cooking right now and I smell violence,destruction and death, all the ingredients needed to psy-op the unsuspecting braindead fox-news watching goyim into relinquishing what’s left of their God-given rights to big brother Jew at the Fed. Bye bye Constitution, hello Talmud. Goy, are you ready to serve your master, you dumb dirty beast ? Or are you ready to fight and die for what you believe in ? God,Family,Country?! Now is the time to buy a gun if you haven’t already because Ratchild is more than ready to call in his loans and command his nigger at that Jewish plantation known as the white-house to send his rebels to your town to bring lady-Liberty down. Coming soon – the Jew World Order – where private property,legal rights,freedom and defaulting on the Jew’s debt is a pipedream.


So you think I’m kidding about America becoming a war-zone  ? Well it’s already underway in France. Whoever thought beautiful Paris would have ever suffered what it did last night ? The impossible becomes the possible in a matter of seconds. BOOM ! France is a full-out Zionist police state using the pretext of Islamic terror to subjugate it’s citizens. Big Brother Jew is now about to tell the French people what time they have to go home at night. CURFEWS, yes I SAID CURFEWS. Remember those nights as a child when you wanted to stay up late and watch TV but mommy and daddy kept saying HONEY IT’S TIME FOR BED ! Well here’s a redux coming soon to a city near you but this time it’s not your daddy or your mommy ! This is just the beginning to ‘Total Control’ as Alex Kosher Jones would say.

France may introduce nationwide curfews in wake of Paris attacks



” The French interior minister has given the go-ahead to local authorities across the country to impose a curfew in certain areas as part of security measures in the wake of shooting and bomb attacks in Paris, where over 120 people died.

Bernard Cazeneuve said on Saturday that local officials are allowed to introduce the curfews in areas which they deem necessary to prevent attacks similar to the deadly assaults in the capital on Friday.


Mossad falseflag or not – the Jews are to blame for this vile attack on the French people. Israeli policy is hellbent on driving muslims out of the middle-east into the west and the western leaders are all traitors bribed by the Jew to take em all in.

The French interior minister, who was addressing the nation in televised remarks, said a series of increased security measures would also be introduced across France, including thousands more troops and police and special protection for certain public buildings. He said that demonstrations will be banned at least until Thursday.

Cazeneuve did not elaborate where the curfews could be imposed.

Police in major US cities have stepped up security in the wake of the Paris attacks. Officials in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia said there was no intelligence indicating any threats, but were taking security precautions.”FranceFalseflagHollandeMemeSo the French people are now effectively carrying out their lives in a warzone on the verge of living under ‘curfews’ while French president Hollande lives high and is rewarded for tightening the Jewish noose over his people. Why isn’t anyone blaming Hollande for this ‘terror attack’ ? After all he is blindly following Obama’s Zionist criminal policy in Syria and hasn’t attempted once to cooperate with Assad. Assuming this is a legitimate ‘terrorist attack’ like most good goys do, then this is 100% ‘blowback’ and the blame should squarely be put on Hollande. Yes Hollande, you you dirty fuck. Impeachment anybody ?

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