American politicians are afraid of Israel and will do anything to establish good ties with the regime, says Forer.


The US government’s massive military aid to Israel underscores the deep fear that senior US officials have of Tel Aviv, says an American author and political analyst.

“We know that Israel has a huge pull on American foreign policy through AIPAC and other lobbying organizations that also have, to a large extent, control over Congress,” Rich Forer told Press TV on Thursday.

The US military aid, Forer said, contravenes with values that American politicians “love to espouse,” namely freedom, liberty and non-discrimination.


“There is no doubt in my mind that Obama knows that this simply perpetuates a brutal, sadistic and inhumane occupation of another people,” said the analyst.

These politicians, however, are willing to sacrifice the lives of millions of people “because of their fear from the Zionist lobby,” which persuades them to maintain good relations with Israel, Forer said.

Reports by the Israeli media state that American and Israeli military officials are negotiating an increase in the annual US military aid to Israel by as much as $1 billion.


The US already provides Israel over $3 billion in annual military aid as well as other forms of assistance.

The chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine General Joseph Dunford, arrived in Israel on Saturday, pledging further military cooperation with Israel.

The increased annual aid to Israel comes despite cuts to a wide range of domestic and military programs in the United States, including reducing the size of the US Army to its lowest level since before World War Two.

“Without this military assistance I don’t believe Israel could carry out or maintain the occupation. They wouldn’t be able to afford it,” Forer said.


The author of ‘Breakthrough: Transforming Fear into Compassion’ added that the Tel Aviv regime’s military adventures are being paid for by American taxpayers.

“US taxpayers are subsidizing Israel’s acquisition of truly deadly weapons and much of the money is going back to defense contractors,” he said.

He noted that aside from the US, Israel has no real ally. “European countries, may not criticize Israel as vocally as they would like, but they understand very well what is going on.”

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