Putin is Mopping Up Obama’s Mess



In a matter of weeks we will watch Russia take back Syria, ending the reign of Jewish proxy terror.  Many ISIS guns for hire are now fleeing for their lives, they are war criminals after all.  Syria is now in ruins, millions have been displaced, a quarter million killed?  Why?  No Wrathchild central bank.imageedit_391_4213450394

Russia’s entry into the Levant has turned the tide – now Israel is up against the Bear just a few hundred miles away – no longer can Israel fly sorties with impunity.  In a few weeks it will be over and Syrians can return home after Christmas, Europe needs only to give them safe passage back home.  Syrians need to live in Syria, not Germany, Sweden, or Russian area state.ISISjewISILsyriaGreaterIsraelMeme

ISIS is an Israeli operation clearing the Middle East of Arabs.  The Jew don’t just want Assad gone, hell, they want all the Syrians gone too!   This huge refugee crisis is exactly what they are manufacturing with terror – Old Testament style terror where whole villages are beheaded.  Only the Jew wages war like this, that is how you know that ISIS is Israel.AmericaSyriaObamaJewsMeme

above – a scene of the sesieged-al-Yarmouk-camp in syria

Look at what was done in the name of America – look at the magnitude of this crime – all justified by 911, by that engineered false flag done by Israel.  We need regime change in America – we need Obama and the Neocons toppled.  Obama is one of the worst criminals and mass murderers in history.ObamaJewishMoneyPowerSyriaMeme

What Obama has done is a war crime – and he should be immediately arrested along with all of his Jewish staff.  It is not funny, this is not a joke, his orders are that of Wrathchild, he is simply a puppet of the Jewish money power that runs America.  Obama is a disgusting mass murderer, a pathological liar that no head of state should even listen to, he’s an evil joke.

PutinHeroSyriaIsraelMemePutin, on the other hand, is a hero – he is stopping the Talmudic insanity in Syria – restoring order in a state fractured by Israel and Jews.  He will stop these terrorist insurgents – many of them foreigners mercenaries being organized and paid by the CIA.  So who is this Obama character?  He is a highly trained asset of the Jewish power structure – enabling the Jewish World Order by deception.  Obama is a Ratchild mole.


As Russia drives out the rats infesting Syria, Obama and the Jewish controlled media have ratcheted up the propaganda, whining about their ISIS fighters being killed and the CIA training camps taken out.  Pay no attention to the evil Jew media, the Jew York Times or the Jewtube – all lies.


THE FUTURE BELONGS TO RUSSIA ! – brother nathanael – throw bro nate A DONATION !

 3,000 terrorists leave Syria following Russian airstrikes – military source

Russia will walk the air sorties across the northern Levant right into Iraq.  Iranian ground forces will mop up the Jewish proxy fighters, in just weeks the entire northern area will be “CIA – ISIS – Jew free”.

Russia ready to consider Iraqi request for airstrikes – Upper House speaker


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