FIDEL CASTRO slams US, Israel for ‘creating ISIS’

(smoloko does not endorse the domestic policies of the Cuban regime but is happy to see Castro speak the truth about ISIL, who created them and who is really supporting the terrorist group.)

Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro compared NATO’s recent statements to that of Nazi SS and accused US and its allies of igniting conflicts abroad. Castro slammed John McCain for backing Israel and accused both of being involved in the creation of ISIS.

Castro, 88, attacked US Senator John McCain over his policies in the Middle East, describing him as “Israel’s most unconditional ally.”


He accused McCain of supporting Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency as well as participating “together with that service in the creation of the Islamic State, which today controls a considerable and vital portion of Iraq and reportedly one-third of Syria as well.”

Castro attacked the West for its “cynicism” and said that it became “a symbol of imperialist policy.”


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it should be noted that this isn’t the only time Castro has criticized the Zionist regime  –

Michael Collins Piper writes in ‘Final Judgement – the missing link in the JFK assassination‘ on pages 85-86 the following information –



These instances cited here are but a handful of Mossad-orchestrated “false flag” operations blamed on a wide variety of alleged “suspects.” The evidence that we shall be examining in Final Judgment suggests that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was yet another “false flag” conspiracy by Israel’s Mossad and its collaborators in the American CIA. We now know, based upon years of study by numerous JFK assassination researchers, that prior to the JFK assassination, the accused 86 A Bad Habit [25] assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was being set up as a patsy. Indeed, Oswald’s activities were presented as proof that a “pro-Castro agitator” had been the “lone nut” behind the president’s assassination.


If anything—we should note at this juncture—Lee Harvey Oswald’s identity as a “pro-Castro agitator”—the role he played prior to the JFK assassination—was tailor-made for (or, perhaps we should say, tailor-made by) the CIA and its allies in the Mossad. What few JFK assassination researchers have noted (or perhaps even understood) was that Fidel Castro’s Cuba had long been hostile to Israel and the cause of Zionism. Thus, both the Mossad and the CIA would find a “pro-Castro agitator” an ideal patsy.

In a lengthy essay the Castro government published in the November 4, 1979 edition of Granma—an official newspaper—the Cuban Marxists critiqued Israel and Zionism. Castro’s newspaper said, in part:


“The Zionists never did, and never will, forgive the Soviet state and its Leninist Party . . . because the Bolsheviks implemented a correct policy that incorporated the talents and efforts of the Soviet Jews into the tasks of building a new society and thus demonstrated the class origins of discrimination and anti-Semitism, breaking with the past and providing a genuine solution to the Jewish problem, a solution which was not and could never be a massive exodus to Palestine.”

“With the outbreak of the cold war the Zionists collaborated in all the subversive and diversionary activities against the USSR and other socialist countries. The secret services of the Zionist state of Israel coordinated their spy activities with the CIA. And to complete the picture there is the Zionist counter-revolutionary action against the national liberation movements. “The Zionists became a power and succeeded in establishing their own state in 1948. Now their task is to defend oil routes, protect all the interests of U.S. imperialism and block the advance of the Arab revolution. Neither the machinations of Zionist counterrevolution, nor Israeli arms, can hold back the victorious march of the peoples of the world.”  These are fighting words, to say the least, and do explain perhaps why those who were responsible for framing Lee Harvey Oswald would have selected his profile as a “pro-Castro agitator.”

The profile would satisfy both the hard-line anti-communists and the Zionists. In subsequent years, as the initial cover story that Oswald was a proCastro agitator began to unravel and new fallback targets have been named— primarily “the Mafia.” It was the Mossad and its allies in the CIA and in the controlled American media who have been doing all the fingering. Everybody being blamed by the Mossad and its CIA allies were implicated and everybody, as a consequence, had a stake in the cover-up.

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