NO WATER FOR DETROIT – BUT ILLUMINATI JEWISH BANKING CARTEL AND THEIR NEO-CON CRONIES PREPARE IT’S PROXY US GOVERNMENT FOR WAR WITH RUSSIA – Aren’t you tired of this satanic cult manipulating the world to their sick and tainted interests ?


Detroit doesn’t have water for it’s own people, but Obama seems to have millions to give to the Al-Qaeda/ISIS linked Syrian rebels, millions for the fascist CIA/NATO-installed coup government in the Ukraine, billions for the Rothschild Federal Reserve every day in interest fees for printing OUR money, billions in foreign aid and in-direct aid to Israel and the millions elsewhere. It’s way over-due for a revolution here in America…I mean come on, people now don’t even have access to water ?! But our sick,demented,Zionist highjacked media is calling for the U.S to enter into war with Russia ?! This isn’t a question of misplaced priorities, this is a matter of satanic central bankers dictating our entire domestic and foreign policies, and we are paying the price, dearly…


On Friday, July 18, thousands of people marched through downtown Detroit to call attention to a major public health crisis as the city shuts off the water for residents who are behind on their bills.

Chanting, “Fight! Fight! Fight! Water is a human right!” and “Whose water? Our water!” about 5,000 Detroit residents and allies from across the country—including many who were in town for the annual Netroots Nation blogger conference—marched from the Cobo convention center to Hart Plaza near the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

Old R&B tuned blared from a mobile sound truck hired by National Nurses United, as a large, multiracial crowd gathered, carrying signs that said “Water is a human right” “Turn on the Water” and “Tax Wall Street”.

Actor Mark Ruffalo jumped onto the flatbed truck to address the crowd as the march began.

“The reason I’m here is for you,” Ruffalo told the crowd, praising Detroiters’ “resistance and resilience.”

“What’s happening in Detroit is a model for what’s happening in the nation,” Ruffalo declared. “Instead of a nation for the 0.1 percent, it should be a nation for all humanity.”

Located near two great lakes and the Detroit River, Detroit has access to the largest fresh water supply in the nation. But thousands of the city’s poorest residents no longer have water for drinking, bathing, cooking, or flushing the toilet, since the city’s unelected emergency manager began seeking to reduce the Water and Sewerage Department’s debt, cutting off residents who don’t keep current on their payments.

Meanwhile, General Motors and the city’s two sports arenas, which owe millions in unpaid water bills, have not had their water turned off.

The United Nations has called Detroit’s actions “a violation of the human right to water and other international human rights.”

One marcher, Janice McKinney, described herself as a “pissed-off grandma.”

“We’re not under democracy in Detroit,

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