‘Israel after false flag bid to get US into war with Iran

‘Israel after false flag bid to get US into war with Iran’

Israel would resort to a “false flag incident” to torpedo the recent Iranian nuclear agreement and lure the United States into military action against the Islamic Republic, says a former US Senate candidate.


“If the Israelis wake up in January 2017 and don’t have a person that they want in the White House, who would kill the P5+1 deal, they are very, very creative and doing other things subversively so to kill the deal,” said Mark Dankof (pictured below)

“I’m chiefly referring to a false flag incident that would be created, that would be falsely blamed on Iran to recreate a renewed hysteria of the United States, where some kind of military action that take place against Iran, ostensibly to resolve this allegedly questionable nuclear deal,” he added.

He made the remarks in  a phone interview with Press TV, when asked to comment on a statement by US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, (pictued below) who said it would be “foolish” for the next US president to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement.

I think secretary Moniz is exactly correct,” said Dankof. “It would be an absolute tragedy  for the next American president to scab this P5+1 deal.”

He, however, said the energy secretary “is anticipating the possibility frankly” that if Republicans win the presidential election, “the agreement is dead in the water, because every single one of these Republican presidential candidates is controlled  by the Israeli lobby.”

“If you have Republican president elected in 2016, the deal will be dead on arrival by January of 2017,” he noted.israelRepublicanIranDealMeme2016

On July 14, Iran and the P5+1 group – the US, Britain, Russia, China, France, and Germany – finalized the text of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) after months of tough negotiations.

Some Republican presidential hopefuls have strongly opposed the agreement and threatened to revoke it on the first day of their presidency. Analysts say Republican candidates are opposing the nuclear agreement to avoid angering the pro-Israeli lobby and prevent their Democratic rivals from getting any political advantage over the Iranian nuclear issue.

“We’re going to 2017, with the great deal of fear and trepidation that in fact it is very likely, that we have a Republican president, who will do everything that Israel wants or we may have a new Democratic president, who wouldn’t be significantly better,” Dankof concluded.

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