Illuminati Masonic Media Prepares the Public For Child Porn

The Illuminati Rothschild Banking Cartel needs to further distract,degrade and demoralize the masses to ensure we are enslaved to their perpetual debt via the constant borrowing of worthless FRN notes with interest from the Rothschild Zionist owned and controlled , “Federal Reserve.” Yeah,not so federal… So I guess the normalization of kiddy porn is the new frontier the bankers are venturing us into. The Illuminati know that real men supported by loyal wives will defend their families and ensure that their children have a wholesome future.

Better to turn these men and women into sex addicts who betray their families for a cheap transitory thrill.


Media Prepares the Public For Child Porn

As the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ state , particularly Protocols 9 & 10 –

“We have fooled,bemused and corrupted the youth of the goyim by rearing them in principles and theories which are known to us to be false…”

“We shall destroy among the goyim the importance of of the family and its educational value”.


Michael Hoffman describes the subtle way the Illuminati
(i.e. satanic ) media prepares us for the further degradation 
of moral standards. 
By Michael Hoffman 
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As a former reporter for the Establishment media (Associated Press) I am particularly sensitive to indications that the media are using their power to subtly change minds and overcome traditional objections to forms of moral depravity. This usually begins with subtle changes and cues that emanate from executive editors at high levels of the corporate media.
KIDDYmemeKiddyIlluminatiMeme Examine the clipping above. It was published in this morning’s (July 17, 2014) Spokesman-Review newspaper (Spokane, Washington), p. A3. The article concerns the arrest of child pornography supporters (“pedophiles”) including “doctors, lawyers” and ex-police officers. The subtle processing is found in the second paragraph: “…sensational stories of the sexual abuse of minors regularly headline the tabloids, which some critics accuse of whipping up public hysteria over the issue.”
Notice the article doesn’t say child pornography is harmless; only that it has been “sensationalized” by disreputable “tabloids,” which “whip up public hysteria over the issue.” Observe that the viewing of child pornography is described as an “issue,” not a crime. The article never refers to it as a crime. Apparently, viewing child pornography is not a sensational transgression in itself. It has been “sensationalized” by disreputable “tabloids.” Too much concern about child pornography is indicative of “hysteria.” This article would seem to be the first step in a measured campaign to soften up the American people so that we will approve of the decriminalization of child pornography, just as we were softened up for the decriminalization of sodomy and the legal marriage of sodomites. This processing is almost always gradual and understated, so as not to frighten the targets of the brainwashing into the realization that they are in fact being conditioned to abandon their traditional morality and “keep up with the times.” How likely is it that our “free and impartial” media would add to an ADL report on a putative “anti-semitic crime wave,” a statement about how “sensational tales of anti-semitism are regularly issued by Zionist organizations which some critics accuse of whipping up public hysteria over the issue.” Imagine the outcry from the Israeli lobby and the thought cops. Will there be a preemptive outcry from We the People against what the media are starting to initiate with regard to the international cult of child molestation? You can be sure that within that cult are many extremely powerful people who would be delighted to see enforcement relaxed, as a first step in a  systematic journey toward the social acceptance of child pornography in an increasingly bestial American society.
SOURCE  – See more at Henry Makow’s fantastic website for the latest and most informative news regarding the Illuminati Central Banking Cartel here
Thoughts on this ? My thoughts are –  If the Masonic media succeeds in normalizing the behavior of indulging in kiddy porn and pedophilia, which it most likely will succeed in doing, considering the speed and acceleration we are witnessing now of the constant demoralization and degradation of our culture, then where does this leave the CIA and other globalist sponsored intelligence agencies to blackmail the politicians and government administrators  ? We all know the majority of our congress are corrupt individuals, and if we look back at past history including crimes such as the The Franklin Scandal, then wouldn’t this normalization of pedophilia somewhat erode the barriers of holding Pedophilia against a political figure when it comes to good ole fashion CIA blackmail ?


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