So Obama is going to put sanctions on Russia ?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ?

Look at what Israel is getting away with now. Using might over right against the Palestinians as usual, funded by our American tax-dollars,  little children in Gaza being blown to bits and shot by naval boats on beaches playing football not bothering anybody, but Obama is going to punish Putin and Russia ?!


FOR FUCKING WHAT ? For deciding not to let Russians and Russian Speaking Ukrainians to get slaughtered under the thumb of  a vicious CIA Anglo-Zionist sponsored Fascist regime ? How can Obama with a straight face criticize Putin on the Crimea issue ? THERE WAS A FAIR REFERENDUM ! But you see the Zionist USA only recognizes elections when it deems suitable to them. Obama clearly is aware of all the Anglo-Zionist western sponsored imperialism that has plagued the world for the last century.

Putin actually is looking like the only decent figure in the world of international politics which is very hard for me to say considering the Rothschild Zionist agenda has accelerated more quickly than ever before as of right now. The International Illuminati Jewish Banking Cartel wants all of Eurasia and we know how important that part of the world is for this satanically inspired banking syndicate. They want it all, all the fucking oil,commodities and human energy in the WHOLE STINKIN PLANET, But wait…there’s more…..The monopoly on all the world’s credit creation isn’t enough,  THEY WANT AND NEED YOUR FUCKING SOUL,BODY AND MIND TOO !



Money and all the power in the world isn’t enough for them….and I would love nothing more than to see their economic hegemony lose momentum, so perhaps this new BRICS economic alliance between Brazil,Russia,India,China and South Africa tilts the power balance of the now almighty Rothschild World Bank. I’m not saying BRICS is anti-globalist, for we have yet to seen what it will bring to the future. But right now, as bad as it is, I am just glad to see something rise against the hegemony of the satanic World Bank and it’s usurious earth-destroying policies. BRICS may be the same face with a new mask, but let’s wait and see.There are many great things Putin has said, and let’s remember he is greatly assisting Assad in Syria, so there are some shining qualities to the man. Yes yes, I know, Putin never mentions 9/11 or the falseflag attacks which he has to know about, and it is very disapointing he hasn’t addressed the 9/11 falseflag, but out of any world-leader he is looking like the only guy you would want to pick on your gym-class basketball team if you had to pick one other player, so maybe there is some hope here.

What’s your take on BRICS ?

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