Do White People Need a Survival Strategy?


Do White People Need a Survival Strategy ?

Mark Green comments on the double standard that allows Jews, Blacks and Hispanics to pursue their racial interests but forbids peoples of European origin 
from doing the same thing. Do Whites need national organizations  to protect their interests? 

Green: “Jews are definitely on the rise. Witness: money, commitment, power, pride, cohesion, and visibility. Whites however are moving in reverse. We are rapidly being displaced and we’re losing control of our culture, language and country. But please don’t mention this. (Views of this kind are considered ‘reactionary’ and maybe even racist!)”

Henry Makow’s Comment:   To put this discussion into context, the political and cultural leadership in the West is a proxy or a colonial administrator for the Illuminati Jewish banking cartel which is pursuing a satanic (Cabalist Jewish) agenda of social engineering and world tyranny. For example, 9-11, gun-control and NSA-spying are measures to advance this agenda and protect its agents. 

by Mark Green
(from Occidental Observer Site)
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Whites are at a disadvantage in this modern competition since white (racial) solidarity–unlike Jewish solidarity–is taboo in America.

Why? The dominant Jewish narrative effectively bars whites from forming ethnic/racial teams the way Jews do. This keeps whites divided and off balance when competing against Jews.

At the same time, this double-standard allows Jewish teams to flourish. Jewish alliances enhance Jewish unity, boost Jewish morale, increase Jewish cooperation, and instill in Jews a sense of collective purpose. But please don’t mention this. (Saying so is considered antisemitic).

An entrenched double-standard has taken root. Within it lies a murky and complex set of rules which emanate from a collection of ancient stories, modern myths, and concocted taboos. Together, they form the Big New Jewish Narrative.

The six pillars that sustain this Narrative are: fascism, racism, The Holocaust, democracy, freedom and human equality. I don’t want to spoil the ending here, but the good guys in this grand drama are-without a doubt-those poor, brilliant, equality-loving, highly democratic and ever-suffering Jews!

And if you don’t believe me, just turn on your TV or pick up a bestselling book.

Jews are definitely on the rise. Witness: money, commitment, power, pride, cohesion, and visibility.

Whites however are moving in reverse. We are rapidly being displaced and we’re losing control of our culture, language and country. But please don’t mention this. (Views of this kind are considered ‘reactionary’ and maybe even racist!)

Whites are clearly on the defensive. The other team is clearly on the offensive.


Culturally, organized Jewry uses Hitler/Nazism (and KKK imagery) to smear any and all European-derived American who dares advocate for nurturing alliances based along (white) kinship lines, even though Jewish kinship alliances are exactly what organized Jewry is nurturing now and has always nurtured. So why the double-standard? It’s good for the Jews.

And how do they get away with it? That’s where the official Holocaust narrative comes in.

According to the Official Story: Jews have no choice. We (lesser souls) keep persecuting them and killing them. And for no good reason! So they absolutely MUST stick together. All the hatred/discrimination directed at Jews is ‘Just because they’re Jews’. That’s it. End of story. Incredibly, the root of the problem is not about Jewish beliefs or even what Jews do. It’s all about us bad guys and our ‘virulent’ antisemitism.

So what’s a good, decent American supposed to do? Fight fascism of course! The Big Problem CLEARLY is antisemitism and white racism for sure. Now go! 

Thus, Jews remain proud, militant, guilt-free, unified and (justifiably of course) defensive while countless whites feel ashamed, disorganized, demoralized, and even estranged from their own racial brethren. Their team is winning. Ours, not.

The ‘white community’ (may I use that expression?) may now coalesce along (non-discriminatory) corporate/business interests, regional boundaries, religious faith, or narrow ideological differences such as liberal/conservative, Democrat/Republican. That’s pretty much it.

Jews however can be wide-open, Jew-loving Israelis/settlers/Holocaust survivors or just plain wonderful Jews! They can work as teams with strictly Jewish objectives. And isn’t that great?! And if you don’t like it, don’t blame them. Blame Hitler. Antisemitism made them this way.

Just don’t get in their way.

Unfortunately, atomized, white Americans are now in a box. Jews-playing on the Jewish team-not only get to play by different rules, but these same cultural programmers play an enormous role in managing/shaping modern political orthodoxies. They also contribute millions of dollars to BOTH political parties at the same time. Even countless Christian churches are now under the Jewish/Zionist thumb.

These downtrodden Holocaust survivors (and their descendents) also write/edit the screenplays for many of the shows our neighbors/friends/children watch. They also happen to censor/edit much of the news that average Americans consume as well. Industrious, aren’t they? Nothing wrong with that!

Jews are America’s foremost gatekeepers. (And come to think of it, they seem to have a lot of clout in Europe, too.)


Curiously, while Americans cheer for their favorite professional team as well as our troops (God Bless our Troops!) millions of poor, uneducated, Spanish-speaking meso-Americans pour through unguarded US borders, forever changing American civilization. Forever.

Can we talk about it? (Is it racist to do so?) Unfortunately, Jewish intellectuals and their minions now insist that the US is a ‘proposition nation’. (see: ‘Democracy, equality.’)

Race doesn’t matter here. Not now. No longer. We’re all equal in America!

Maybe this experiment will work. But what if it doesn’t? Oh well, at least the Jews have Israel to go to.


Interestingly, in Israel-where Jews are 80% of the population-a grand sporting event takes place in Jerusalem every year. But it’s restricted. Only Jewish athletes may compete. It’s called (surprise!) The Maccabiah Games. No Jackie Robinson in this arena, thank you. In fact, no gentiles on any of the teams.

Meanwhile, America fights wars for Israel, subsidizes ethnic cleansing in ‘greater Israel’, but does nothing to stem the invasion of millions of Spanish-speaking Meso-Americans who have been flooding into the US for decades. Curious, no?


Yes, the Jews run Hollywood. In fact, they pretty much run America.

Here’s a secret: Incredibly-while no one was watching-‘greater Israel’ gradually became the world’s foremost superpower. It happened. It’s real.

For instance, if you want to find out about where the next US war (or NATO invasion) is going to be, find out what the Israel lobby wants. It’s a perfect predictor. I call it the ‘Israel Index’. Watch it. Learn from it.

(But please don’t mention that I told you about it. It’s probably antisemitic.)




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