Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump – Zionist False opposition


Like Henry Makow says – Politics is a charade put on by the ILLUMINATI with the mass media as its cheering section. We don’t realize how we are totally manipulated. Our political, economic and cultural lives are psy ops.
 below TEXE MARR’S writes the following about carly fiorina –

Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett Packard CEO, announced she is running for the Republican Party ticket for President. When asked the first thing she would do in the White House, Fiorina said her first phone call would be to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


 “Fiorina is big on “Israel First.” So are the 25 other Republican Party candidates. This proves that Israel runs America and that Washington D.C. is a satellite of Tel Aviv!”

  “Would an America First candidate please stand up? How about someone who, with their first phone call, would dial up the Federal Reserve and give the chairman some needed directions. What about phoning Putin in the Kremlin in Moscow, or Merkel in Germany.


“Indeed, why not use that important first phone call to speak with the Governor of Texas, or California? These states have more people than the tiny Israel!

Carly Fiorina

     “The American Jewish magazine, Forward, recently published a cover showing an elephant (the GOP) carrying an Israeli flag and wearing a Yarmulka skull cap. It’s subtitle was telling: How Orthodox (Jewish) Money is Shaping National Politics.”  

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Donald Trump is another Zionist stooge – don’t kid yourself people


In a recent interview between Donald Trump and Jewish News Service, Trump holds no punches back and makes it clear he is a Zionist gofer like every other republican and democratic presidential candidate. “The Don” may be rich, but the kings of money, the Rothschild Jews who decide US elections are richer, a lot richer.  Donald may talk big, but he knows he has to grovel like a little bitch to the Elite Jewish oligarchs and their pacs like everybody else to even stand a slim chance at presidency, and that he is doing. So Don, quit the tough act, you’re a weak immoral Israeli-firster prostitute like everybody else you’re “competing” against.


Trump was asked the following by JNS’s  Jacob Kamaras – smoloko commentary is red text


Knowing what you know from negotiations in the business world, how would you approach the current nuclear talks with Iran?

“I would double-up and triple-up the sanctions, and I would make them (the Iranians) want to make a deal. Right now they’re just toying with us.”

 (hey don, IRAN SIGNED THE NPT and the cia and 15 other us intelligence agencies who come up with a national intelligence estimate every year say iran has no fissionable MATERIAL to even create a nuclear weapon…so what’s the deal ? ah you wana starve more Iranians into submission for the Jews who own you right Don ? We all know Michael Cohen, a Jew, is your right hand Don, there is NO doubt in my mind that you will be courting the Jews.)

What would a good deal with Iran look like?

“You’d have to have onsite inspections anytime, anywhere, to start off with, which we don’t have at all. The whole deal is a terrible deal. There’s no way the Iranians are going to adhere to any deal we make. And if you don’t have onsite inspections anytime, anywhere, they (the P5+1 nations) shouldn’t make the deal. And right now I think they’re just tapping the United States along. We (America) have a bunch of babies negotiating. We don’t have good negotiators. They have great negotiators, and they’re making us look like fools.”

(Israel, who refuses to sign the NPT while sitting on a couple hundred nukes doesn’t have to get inspections though I guess, right Don ? )

What do you think about America funding the Palestinian Authority to the tune of $500 million per year?

“I’m not exactly thrilled by it. It’s obvious. We have to help people that respect us, that want things to be done and properly done. Not just there (the Palestinian Authority), we’re giving money to all sorts of groups and people and countries that take advantage of the United States, so it’s something that I’m not thrilled about.”

(The elephant in the room is Israel with it’s 8.5 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY in US foreign aid that neither one of these idiots bring up)

JNS also reveals some other interesting facts about our boy Trump – the most interesting is that his daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism in 2009, and just loves her observance of Shabbat with her husband Jared Kushner (a well-known real estate developer as well as the owner and publisher of the New York Observer newspaper) is well-documented. ) Like Henry Makow says “The marriage of Jewish finance and British aristocracy took place literally. Spendthrift gentry married the daughters of rich Jews. ” The same obviously applies for American aristocracy and wealthy.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 at 2.55.06 AM

JNS reports –

“In the middle of a phone interview with on June 26, billionaire real estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump leaves his desk to scan the wall of his office for awards he has received from the Jewish community.

Trump reads the text of some relevant plaques before returning to his desk. But before this reporter can move on to the next question, Trump eagerly points out that he was the grand marshal of New York City’s annual Salute to Israel Parade (now the Celebrate Israel Parade) in 2004 “at a time when it was quite dangerous to do that” and “a pretty tough time for Israel,” in the middle of the second Palestinian intifada (uprising against Israel). He also cites a video endorsement he gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the Jewish state’s January 2013 election, expressing pride that it was “at the time the only ad done by a celebrity” for Netanyahu.

What does all of this have to do with the 2016 American presidential election? President Barack Obama won 78 percent of Jewish votes when he was first elected in 2008, and despite a rocky relationship with Israel when compared to most other U.S. presidents, he garnered 69 percent of the Jewish vote in 2012. Trump, however, touts his close relationship with Israel and the Jewish community as the reason he believes he can outperform Republican contenders of both the past and present among Jewish voters.

How close, in fact, is Trump’s relationship with Judaism? Unlike the name of his reality TV show, he is no apprentice when it comes to the Jewish faith. Trump’s daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism in 2009, and her observance of Shabbat with her husband Jared Kushner (a well-known real estate developer as well as the owner and publisher of the New York Observer newspaper) is well-documented.”

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