The Zionist, neoconservative movement in the United States is creating racial divisions in the country.


“We have all become slaves of a Jewish establishment in the United States that controls our banking system, that own our news media, that buys presidential elections, that congressional elections, that packs the Supreme Court with people who will do their bidding,” said Mark Dankof, who is also a broadcaster and pastor in San Antonio, Texas.


“The end game is an attack on Iran, the end game is a dangerous confrontation policy with Vladimir Putin’s Russia, the end game is the attempt to impose this culturally Marxist, socialist agenda on the rest of the world,” Dankof told Press TV on Friday.

He argued that the Zionist movement is seeking to destroy the Christian culture in America and help Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to expand his regime’s borders.

“What we are seeing a situation where the American public is being diverted from the reality of who owns our economy, who has hijacked our national security establishment, who was really behind 9/11 and the [President John F.] Kennedy assassination.”


He made the comments after the controversial Confederate flag was removed from South Carolina’s State House grounds in a ceremony, which was covered live by television channels.

Thousands of people cheered the removal of the battle flag flying over the state capitol grounds on Friday morning.

The flag, which went up on the State House grounds more than half a century ago at the height of the US civil rights movement, was regarded by many as a bitter symbol of racism and slavery.

Dankof argued that the Jewish establishment was behind the attack on the Confederate flag in order to create divisions between whites and African-Americans.

side note – from pages 252-253 of “THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN” – Andrew Hitchcock


“The Jews are also most unhappy with Muslims throughout the world. This is because the plan to destroy the Muslim faith that worked so well for the Jews with regard to the Christian faith has largely failed.

The Jews worked hard to get Muslims to migrate into many Western nations, the plan being that they would forget their religious beliefs and become nothing but a consumer of Jewish owned products, services and governments, like the majority of the white Christian world.

Unfortunately the majority of Muslims maintained their religious faith and formed their own communities within these Western nations, failing to fall into the Jews trap, like the Christians. The Jews decide this means the Muslims have to be destroyed,
and they decide they’ll get the Christians to do the job for them.”

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