Evil Triumphs: The West’s Hand Behind ISIS Confirmed

 by Writer: Brandon Martinez
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For years now judicious analysts have been saying that ISIS, which now calls itself the Islamic State, is a synthetic witches’ brew of malcontents organized, armed and trained by the West and its regional appendages in the Arab Gulf countries.


Despite an overwhelming sand storm of disinformation emanating from the mainstream media that laughably portrayed the militant group and its creepy offshoots as wholly organic, critical thinkers have insisted that ISIS is a controlled outfit of covert mercenaries that were manufactured by Western powers and first wielded like a samurai sword against the Gaddafi regime in Libya. Once the North African country was swallowed whole by the Wahhabi onslaught, which was directed by CIA and MI6 “advisors” on the ground and reinforced by NATO airstrikes from above, the same stock and breed of criminal miscreants were promptly set upon Syria to ravage that unsuspecting nation.

With banal hubris, Western regimes denied whole cloth any suggestion that they have been sponsoring ISIS. But a recently unearthed US intelligence document shatters the façade of secrecy and denial, confirming in bare language that the West and its Persian Gulf marionettes are directly responsible for the rise of ISIS. US intelligence analysts, writing in a 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report [1] disclosed by Judicial Watch, pondered gleefully about the prospect of utilizing radical Wahhabi-Islamist fundamentalists as a bludgeon against the secular government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.


The document categorically demolishes Washington’s deceptive ‘we were only arming moderates’ gambit, noting that the rebels in Syria (which Washington and other Western powers have been supporting [2] since 2011) were dominated by “Salafist, Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda” elements from the outset. Such extremists were the “major forces driving the insurgency in Syria,” the report states with unambiguity. It adds that Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), the precursor group to ISIS, was the ideological backbone of the insurgents who were flooding into Syria that same year – the very same militants that the West was backing with enthusiastic vigor, dumping hundreds of millions of dollars in arms and supplies at their feet.


The US defense analysts brazenly state that “Western countries, the Gulf states and Turkey” are supporting the throat-slitting insurgents in Syria, and foreshadow that these well-armed radicals will likely go on to form a centralized “Salafist principality in eastern Syria.” The authors infer that such a development is not only a foreseeable consequence of Western/Gulf state/Turkish support for the terrorists battling Damascus, but is “exactly what the supporting powers [of the] opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime which is considered the strategic depth of Shia expansion.”

The report further predicts with uncanny accuracy that al-Qaeda-linked insurgents would eventually push back into Iraq from Syria and “declare an Islamic State through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria.” That happened in 2014.


As the DIA document undeniably demonstrates, none of this ISIS funny business was organic nor was it accidental nor was it unforeseen. All of it was purposefully executed according to a well-fashioned and thought-out Western master plan to shatter Iraq and Syria by way of an artificial quasi-state ‘Caliphate’ that would cut through the heart of both Arab countries, thereby splitting them off from their strategic patrons in Iran.

ISIS Born in US Prison Camp

Like its predecessor al-Qaeda, ISIS too was birthed under the watchful eye of the US military-intelligence community. Tracing its roots to Iraq during the US invasion, ISIS’s original namesake was ‘Al-Qaeda in Iraq’, which was later changed to ‘Islamic State in Iraq’. It was said that this nascent organization formed a large part of the insurgency against American forces during the war, but in 2007 a US military spokesman admitted [3] that the group’s original leader, Abudullah Rashid al-Baghdadi, was a fictional character whose public declarations were voiced by an Iraqi actor. The group’s presence in Iraq appears to have been part and parcel of a US military psychological warfare campaign aimed at discrediting Iraqi resistance forces fighting the American invaders by linking them with religious fundamentalists. Smoke and mirrors, as per usual.

In a revealing December 2014 interview [4] with the UK’s Guardian newspaper, a high-ranking ISIS commander claims that the terrorist group he fights for was initially cultivated in Camp Bucca, a US prison complex in Iraq. That jail once housed many of the men who now populate the upper echelons of ISIS including its mysterious supreme leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.


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“A leading member of the Islamic State has revealed the group could never have been formed without the help of the US. American prison camps in Iraq gave the Islamists the perfect opportunity to meet and plan their eventual rise to power,” stated a Russia Today reporter [5] referencing the Guardian interview.

The ISIS leader in question, Abu Ahmed (a pseudonym), told the British paper that much of the leadership of al-Qaeda were amassed in US military prisons in Iraq, yet were all eventually released and dispersed throughout the country.


Strangely suggestive are the activities of al-Baghdadi, the self-declared ‘caliph’ of ISIS, in Camp Bucca. According to Ahmed, al-Baghdadi was on good terms with the American authorities that ran the facility, and acted “as a go-between to settle disputes between rival factions in the prison camp.” “As time went on,” Ahmed elaborated, “every time there was a problem in the camp, [al-Baghdadi] was at the center of it. He wanted to be the head of the prison – and when I look back now, he was using a policy of conquer and divide to get what he wanted, which was status. And it worked.”

Going further with this line of thought, Ahmed claims that al-Baghdadi was “respected very much by the US army,” so much so that “if he wanted to visit people in another camp he could, but we couldn’t.” While ingratiated with the US authorities, Ahmed says that al-Baghdadi was secretly constructing the ideological and organizational blueprints of ISIS “under the noses” of their American captors. “If there was no American prison in Iraq, there would be no [Islamic State] now,” Ahmed said, describing the prison as “a factory” that engendered and built their extremist sectarian beliefs.


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“America underestimated the role it played in making [al-Baghdadi] what he is,” Ahmed concluded about the elusive ISIS chieftain, who many believe is a double agent for the CIA and/or Mossad.

Although not directly suggesting that the US helped create ISIS intentionally, Ahmed gave subtle clues throughout the bizarre interview which insinuate just that: America “made” al-Baghdadi what he is; Camp Bucca was “a factory” that facilitated the organization and coordination of the militants that later formed ISIS and its progeny; it “built” their ideology. When put together, all of this innuendo seems to eerily depict a CIA mind control facility.

It simply defies logic that al-Baghdadi was able to conspire clandestinely to build and organize ISIS from within the walls of a US military prison without authorities recognizing what was going on. Even harder to contemplate is why the Americans would mysteriously release al-Baghdadi in 2009 along with hundreds of other would-be militants, somehow not harboring the slightest suspicion about their intentions once freed. It may make a good movie script, but it’s all a little too good to be true.


A more plausible scenario is that the US military-intelligence community recruited al-Baghdadi and others throughout their vast network of prison camps in Iraq, crafting a proxy mercenary army that would be used for future US covert operations in the region, something which we can now see unfolding like a carefully calculated chess move.

Divide and Rule


The deliberately-contrived divide and conquer gambit currently being effected across the Middle East was proposed years before the Syrian crisis began by a prominent Washington foreign policy think tank known as the RAND Corporation. In 2008, the US-government-connected think tank called for [6] Washington to “capitalise on the Shia-Sunni conflict by taking the side of the conservative Sunni regimes in a decisive fashion and working with them against all Shiite empowerment movements in the Muslim world.” In a 2012 interview [7] with Charlie Rose, a prominent Israeli intelligence stalwart, Ami Ayalon, iterated the same thing, advocating for a ‘Sunni coalition’ led by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to be thrust against Shiite Iran, Israel’s primary regional foe since the ousting of Saddam Hussein in Iraq in 2003. Benjamin Netanyahu and his Zionist regime cohorts have issued similarly revealing diktats ­­– ‘we prefer Wahhabist bad guys to the Shiite bad guys backed by Iran,’ they’ve announced [8] publicly on numerous occasions. The reason being that the US and Israel exercise a significant degree of control over the Wahhabist ‘bad guys’ who populate the ranks of ISIS and its repugnant affiliates.


The evidence is clear and unequivocal: Washington and its allies, working more or less towards a goal of Israeli-approved regime changes in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Lebanon, have fostered and fuelled the ISIS onslaught that is sowing untold chaos and bloodshed across the Middle East. In the face of official denials and endless disinformation, the aforementioned DIA document comes at just the right moment to supremely indict the entire Western leadership as cruel madmen who deliberately wrought a multi-front sectarian bloodbath in Iraq and Syria for the purposes of ripping apart the Shiite arc of resistance stretching from Tehran to Damascus to Baghdad to Beirut. From the vantage point of the West, which has become little more than a political vassal of Global Zionism headquartered in Tel Aviv, this non-sectarian alliance of like-minded indigenous resistance forces needed to be overwhelmed with a tidal wave of proxy mercenaries – mindless killers whose only desire is to fill the streets with the blood of countless innocents.

The forces of darkness are having their way with the world at the present time. Evil is obviously winning the battle, but will it win the war?

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