Transgenderism – Illuminati’s Way of Mocking God


This is a response to the Red Ice Radio: 
Sofia Smallstorm on Bruce Jenner’s Trans-formation & Terasem Transreligion
By engaging in Transgenderism and Transhumanism Satan wants to make a mockery of God’s glorious creation; man. 
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God created Man as one of his greater creations. Man is indeed a unique creation of our Lord. He has a soul within a material body. This is pretty special if you think about it.

On the other hand, the Satanic elite or should I say Luciferian elite want to “undo” this amazing creation. Lucifer wants to be a god; he wants to be equal if not greater than God. How does one do so? Well you take one of the most wonderful thing God created and mess with it. I mean really mess with it.

Satan has been messing with mankind for a long time now. And they now think they have the technology to do so. This is the story of the whole downfall of Lucifer in heaven. As he and his minions were being cast out of heaven, Lucifer (Iblis in Islam) vowed to take down as many humans as he possibly could with him. God took on the challenge and told Lucifer that he (Lucifer) would only be able to take down those who are not of God’s flock i.e. his true believers.

Satan and his worshippers want to denigrate and destroy man. The Red Ice Radio interview is secular. It fails to mention this fact.


By engaging in Transgenderism and Transhumanism Satan wants to make a mockery of God’s glorious creation; man. He also wants to destroy men and women in the process along with the family. Undo everything God deems is righteous and holy.

Transgenderism and Transhumanism is Satan’s method of utter deprivation. Hence all the technology and plastic surgery to “re-create” man into a false and unholy image. We must remember that everything Satan does is counterfeit to what God does.


Hence we have Jesus our Messiah and on the other side of it we have the Satanic version of this namely the Anti-Christ. Satan does everything in “copy” and in opposition to God.

Creating something of an ubermensch (a freak actually) is the goal of Satan. Undo the greatness of God (or at least Satan thinks he is doing so). The Adversary wants to drag Man down into the gutters of Hell with him because he knows he has already lost the fight with God.


But hey, that’s not going to stop him from trying is it? This is the sickness of Satan’s mindset. This is the utter sickness of Transgenderism and Transhumanism. We must not forget that God is ultimately in charge. He allows Satan only so much power as he (God) wills. So be of good cheer because Jesus has overcome and has won the fight. Satan knows his time is up and this is why he is getting more and more desperate as days go by.

It’s interesting that all this homosexual agenda along with Transgenderism, Transhumanism, and LGBT garbage is occurring now. Desperate times calls for desperate measures as they say.

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