How The IMF Really Works

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It sounds like bad business.

The IMF just announced that if Ukraine defaults on its debts to creditors, it will still loan it money.

Would you loan money to a deadbeat?

That’s how the IMF works. It loans billions to countries who it knows can’t pay back.

It’s a Jewish scam to ‘foreclose’ on a country’s assets.

You see, the IMF’s major shareholder is the US Treasury with sole veto rights.

Ukraine - Rothschild's new debtor nation

Current and former heads of the Treasury—Jacob Lew, Larry Summers, and Robert Rubin—are all Goldman Sachs boys.

Sounds like a guest list to a Bar Mitzvah, doesn’t it?

Goys too….Paulson and Geithner…both shills for the Bar Mitzvah bunch at Goldman Sachs. Lagarde is just Gentile window dressing.

Connect the dots.

The US Treasury that runs the IMF is bankrolled AT INTEREST by the Fed, a consortium of Jewish banks orbited around the Rothschild dynasty.

The IMF is a Jewish bankster operation whose loans are not to boost a country’s economy but to pay off creditors it already owes, many of whom are part of the kleptocracy.


Yats says so himself.

[Clip: “You are well aware that the government launched a four year EFF program with the IMF, together with the IMF. We expect to get up to 25 billion dollars in the forthcoming four years, but the gap is much bigger. Much bigger. As you are well aware, this money goes directly to our creditors.”]

And with a One-Two punch the IMF is screwing Ukraine.

Punch One is to shrink the economy via “austerity.”

This is done by IMF ‘conditionalities’ which demands raising taxes and cutting government benefits.

above – this little ukrainian boy, like all the other up and coming  is already enslaved to Rothschild Jew Debt…
And Yats takes the bait.

[Clip: “Despite the fact that the government has frozen all social expenditures, we shut down the number of entitlement programs, we did everything we can to fix the budget gap. We still need an enormous–an additional enormous amount of financial support.”]

It’s a bottomless pit.

Cutting government programs and raising taxes only widens the budget deficit by reducing the purchasing power of the citizens.

With no buyers, the GDP shrivels up.

And with Ukraine ditching its lucrative Russian market, and with Europe spurning Ukrainian-made goods, Ukraine is now a failed state. The IMF likes it like that.


Now comes Punch Two.

With compound interest climbing and the debt unserviceable, the IMF demands that Ukraine sell off its assets to cool the creditors.


Even with privatization the debt will never be paid off and Ukraine becomes an eternal vassal to Jewish banksters.

And with Yats and US Commerce Secretary Penney Pritzker now planning a Ukrainian fire sale, the IMF and its client, Monsanto, are licking their chops over Ukraine’s farmland too.

 animated Sticker

Not for nothing did they install Saakashvili as the new governor of Odessa, a vital part of Ukraine’s breadbasket and maritime shipping.

He just admitted that things were much better under Yanukovich, who Nudelman of the US State Department toppled.

[Clip: “Now Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe. If the collapse of the economy suddenly stops and Ukraine develops by four percent annually, we will reach the level of 2013 in 20 years. Only in 20 years will we return to the figures of Yanukovych’s Ukraine.”]


Ain’t gonna happen. Once the IMF fleeces the assets, “Yanukovych’s Ukraine” will be a Jewish-owned state.

And that’s how the IMF works.

My dear Ukrainians, you can kiss your country goodbye!

Could we say it any better ?

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