Why I won’t support the Cleveland Cavs anymore

why i won’t support the cleveland cavs or lebron anymore…

All Of Israel Is Behind The Cavaliers,’ Netanyahu Tells Head Coach David Blatt

Being born and raised in Northeast Ohio, it was nice to see something good for the city of Cleveland (no matter how trivial) in this case the appearance of the Cleveland Cavs in the 2016 NBA finals. I’m not a big sports guy at all, but like I said, they’re close to home and Cleveland has been fucked for years. Then all enthusiasm for the cavs left my body when I saw Israel pledge their support to them. Seriously I thought, isn’t there anything these fuckers can’t get involved in…But then I remembered, we’re dealing with the NBA – another Illuminati Jewish front/plantation where the poor niggers sing to the tune of the Jewish commissioner who runs the league on behalf of his unknown superiors based in the city of London.


“The Cleveland Cavaliers have won the hearts of the nation. Israel, that is.”


(oh wow, the Cavs won the “hearts” of Israel…From what I remember, these sick bastards in Israel never had any hearts. How does a nation with a “heart” condone and justify the ever-continuing bombing and mass slaughter of a entrapped and impoverished Palestinian civilian population ? and did you read what nettyboy said about america in the picture above ? how lovely, a zionist PSYCHOPATHic mass murderer is rooting for my hometeam !)

” Cavaliers rookie Coach David Blatt, an Israeli-American, told Cleveland.com Sunday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “said all of Israel is behind the Cavaliers” in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors. “That was great,” the coach added. ”


“Blatt said the Israeli leader reached out to him after the Cavaliers defeated the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals. The coach could become the first Israeli to win an NBA title as a player or coach, according to Cleveland.com”

“Last year, he guided the Israeli squad Maccabi Tel Aviv to the Euroleague title, earning an earlier congratulations from Netanyahu, he said.”

cavsCOachMeme( pictured above is David Blatt, pictured May 26 in the Eastern Conference Finals, he played and coached for much of his career in Israel. )

Blatt, 56, had coached in Israel off and on since 1993. The finals begin Thursday.

“According to NBA.com, Blatt also played on many Israeli professional teams, retiring in 1993 with Maccabi Hadera. His family still lives in Israel.”

(hmm, okay could be…or is he mossad ? israeli intelligence ? I’m telling you these guys are bold and have grand covers – below is lebron shoving coach blatt – rumors are they don’t get along…)

“When Blatt, who also coached the Russians to a bronze medal in the 2012 Olympics, was told that he might hear from President Barack Obama if the Cavs win the Finals, Blatt responded, per CBS: “I have been fortunate enough to hear from the Prime Minister of Israel, the then Prime Minister and president of Russia (Dmitry Medvedev), and there’s nothing I would like better than to hear from Obama. That sort of covered all the bases, wouldn’t it?”

one more smoloko note – perhaps this Cavs coach is a decent man, he obviously can’t help he is from Israel , but what is upsetting is the fact that Western media (Zionist controlled) is relaying Israel’s support to the Cleveland Cavaliers as something positive when it clearly is not. If Cavs fans had any sense of reality, they would reject this offering of support from Israel, renounce Zionism and tell Netanyahu thanks but no thanks…But hey, as long as Masonic Jews continue creating our money in the form of the debt to be paid back at interest to them, America will only  sink deeper into the mental coma it is in and it’s people will soon wake up homeless on the continent their forefathers conquered wondering what the hell happened…
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sidenote –  smoloko on LeBron James (jewish NBA’s most prized, money making and trotted out house negro )

Seeing LeBron whore himself in the latest Jewish Hollywood anti-christian film “Trainwreck” was another reason to stop supporting the Cavs. Call me crazy, I don’t care. My values mean more to me than a fucking basketball team

I lost all the respect , (what little I had anyway)  for LeBron James completely the other night.

I noticed after watching last night’s game LeBron is whoring himself for the latest Illuminati Jewish Luciferian Hollywood comedy propaganda piece “Trainwreck”, produced by a degenerate sin spreading Illuminati Jew named Judd Apatow who is known to talk about his daughter’s vagina in public.. This is the same guy that has brought you such filth including “Knocked Up” – “40 year old virgin” “This is 40” “Step Brothers” and “SuperBad”.

These Illuminati Jews in Hollywood equate being offensive and disgusting with being funny. –

let’s take a look at “Trainwreck’s”  description – it’s pure Cabala ! finding redemption through sin is the message I read from the synopsis below. You will notice the masonic one eye signal Bill Hader is given for the film’s poster…but yeah, just another “coincidence”. One more thing, look at this Jew bitch chugging on alcohol like a slob in the poster below, here we have another fine case of Illuminati Hollywood Jews selling dysfunction to us goyim as normal and cool…Hey, if we’re dead drunk consumed with getting fucked and partying all the time then the last thing we’re going to think about is renouncing the Fed’s debt and abolishing the unlimited private enrichment of private masonic Jewish bankers !

“Ever since her father drilled into her head that monogamy isn’t realistic, magazine writer Amy (Amy Schumer) has made promiscuity her credo. As much as she enjoys an uninhibited life free of commitment, Amy is really in a rut. While writing a profile about charming and successful sports doctor Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), she finds herself actually falling in love for the first time — and what’s more, Aaron seems to like her too. Amy starts to wonder if it’s time to clean up her act.”

The movie’s title refers secretly to the Cabalist Jewish destruction of America and it’s once proud,moral and civilized Christian Culture. Hollywood Luciferian Jews just love pissing on Christian values because they believe , like Henry Makow says – “man is an animal with no divine soul, there is no need to restrain his basest appetites and functions. (That would be “repression.”) Therefore “comedy” no longer is defined as being “funny” but as being disgusting. Since man cannot aspire to be godlike, all that remains is a race to the bottom. ”


Look at what Lebron says in the trailer above – he’s talking about “Sexual Intercourse”…As if that’s cool ? Like Makow says, these Jews in Hollywood are normalizing perversion and here we have LeBron James , unwittingly or wittingly participating in a satanic driven comedy to demoralize ever more his naive and gullible fans.

To sum it up, LeBron is just another entertainment/sports industry house-negro slavishly balling on the hardwood modern day Jewish plantation known as the NBA ultimately owned by the House of Rothschild when you cut through all of their bogus corporate fronts and subsidiaries. There’s nobody they don’t own or already control in the enter(train)ment world. Their banks decide what we see and don’t see. Just look at the past two NBA commissioners we’ve had since 1984 –  David Stern (Jew)(1984–2014) and now Adam Silver (Jew) (2014–present) . Do you think their posts in these high positions are coincidental ? I think not. They were placed there strategically by the hidden Masonic Jewish Money Power that is pulling the strings on everything we see and hear in the mainstream media. LeBron is told to jump by these Jews and he like the good little slave he is says How High Massa !

You never saw Michael Jordan do this kind of shit, ok well he did a myriad of consumer driven corporate commercial gigs and whatnot, but at least he kept it clean at the end of the day. He did a couple movies, but they were clean and family-friendly for the most part. Remember “SpaceJam” ? Well this “TrainWreck” sure isn’t family oriented like spacejam. LeBron if you’re reading this, you don’t need to be degrading yourself in garbage films like this, you’re better than this man. Most people who still use their brains are watching you, they see you being used as a propaganda tool ridiculing traditional America, surely not a role model spreading wholesome values. You’re only shooting yourself in the foot with this movie buddy.


This Jewish pig Amy Schumer (Jew)  co-staring in this satanic propaganda comedy piece is just as bad as your acting LeBron, like I said, you don’t have to do exposure stunts like these, you’re better than this, really. The so called “Big Man upstairs” (God) you worship and thank after each game is called a dog and blasphemer in Mr.Schumer’s most holy book, the Talmud, but you probably have your head so far up your ass that your ego can’t stand to hear the truth anymore.

 Like Henry Makow says

Culture is based on setting up spiritual ideals and elevating our lives accordingly. It is choosing the higher path over the lower. The Luciferian NWO is based on reversing the two, making evil seem good, and crushing the human spirit.

“Knocked Up”, ( well in this case TRAINWRECK)  is a trip down a psychic rabbit hole populated by perverts, creeps and losers. Hollywood wants us to emulate them. Judging from the rave reviews, we are willing to oblige.

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