By Michael Collins Piper

The State of Israel had integral llinks with all of  the major power groups that wanted John F. Kennedy removed from the American presidency.


Israel’s global network had the power to orchestrate not only the assassination of Kennedy, but also the subsequent cover-up. Israel was indeed a key player in the JFK assassination conspiracy and, the evidence suggests, a primary instigator of the crime.

All of Israel’s co-conspirators—and those who had an interest in seeing Kennedy dead—had good reason to assist in the cover-up. They were protecting their own interests. By 1963, John F. Kennedy had made many enemies. His brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy’s prosecutions of Mafia and Meyer Lansky-bossed Organized Crime figures had many in the crime syndicate very angry, to say the least. The early stages for the prosecution of Meyer Lansky himself were already underway. A case had already been made against Lansky’s New Orleans front man Carlos Marcello.Lansky’s West Coast henchman Mickey Cohen had been targeted as well


Lansky was the ultimate target: the enmity between the Kennedy family and Meyer Lansky went back decades. Not only was the President’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy considered an enemy of the Jewish people, but he was also believed by Lansky to hold a grudge against him (Lansky) because of a Lansky-orchestrated hijacking of one of Kennedy Sr.’s illicit whiskey running deals. Considering John F. Kennedy’s secret alliance with the mob during the 1960 campaign, his war against Lansky’s underworld syndicate was a double-cross that could not be tolerated.


Lyndon johnson


The president was also planning to drop his Vice President, Lyndon Johnson, from the 1964 ticket. It was possible that Johnson—long financed politically by Lansky and his New Orleans Mafia henchman, Carlos Marcello—could end up spending the remainder of his years in prison. The Kennedy brothers were interested in Johnson’s deals conducted through his front man, Bobby Baker, who later did end up in prison. Baker, of course, conducted several of his major deals with Lansky associates, including Ed Levinson, a director of the Mossad-linked Banque de Credit International, founded by former Mossad official Tibor Rosenbaum.


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What’s more, Kennedy was preparing for a rapprochement with Castro’s Cuba and therefore the Lansky syndicate would not be able to re-invigorate its massive gambling interests there as a consequence. The change in Cuban policy was also distressing to the anti-Castro Cuban community in Miami, New Orleans and elsewhere. travel animated GIF

The anti-Castro Cubans had, of course, been cooperating closely with the Lansky syndicate in anti-Castro activities. Likewise, the new Cuban policy enraged the CIA which was the primary sponsor of the anti-Castro forces. As we have also seen, the Mossad played a major (although little-known) part in the intrigue involving the anti-Castro Cubans through its base in Miami.



JFK had other problems with the CIA. He was making moves to dismantle the CIA and was engaged in a secret war with that agency stemming from his clear intent to withdraw U.S. forces from Vietnam. This would have been a major blow to the so-called “military-industrial complex” (of which the Israeli lobby was a major component) that stood to make immense profits from a continuing U.S. presence in Southeast Asia.



above – John Kennedy and his brother Rob. Both were kicking ass and taking names – they paid the price for trying to take on the Illuminati Jewish Central Banking Cartel and their myriad of lackeys infested in government.

Ultimately, Kennedy planned to merge all of the American intelligence agencies—the FBI included—into a single entity under his brother Robert’s direction. This plan, of course, was not greeted enthusiastically by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover whom Kennedy also planned to dethrone following the 1964 election. Hoover, as we have seen, had his own secret arrangements with Lansky, individually, and with organized crime in general. Hoover also had a foundation established in his name with funding from Lansky-linked liquor industries and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith, which functions as a de facto U.S. propaganda and intelligence arm of Israel’s Mossad. If Hoover himself did not actively conspire against the life of John F. Kennedy, he certainly looked the other way if he knew a conspiracy to assassinate JFK had been hatched.



Kennedy’s intended change in Vietnam policy—his plan to unilaterally withdraw from the imbroglio—infuriated not only the CIA but elements in the Pentagon and their allies in the military-industrial complex. By thistime, of course, the Lansky syndicate had already set up international heroinrunning from Southeast Asia through the CIA-linked Corsican Mafia in the  Mediterranean. The joint Lansky-CIA operations in the international drug racket were a lucrative venture that thrived as a consequence of deep U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia as cover for the drug smuggling activities. We know today that the Mossad has emerged as a major player as a “middleman” in much of this drug-smuggling activity.



John F. Kennedy’s bitter behind-the-scenes conflict with Israel brought him into combat with an ally of not only the CIA but also the Lansky syndicate, both of which entities also maintained intimate connections to the anti-Castro Cubans. Vice President Lyndon Johnson’s Lansky-Mafia and defense industry ties, coupled with his close relationship to the Israeli lobby, and his long-standing friendly dealings with both the CIA and Hoover’s FBI made Johnson an acceptable alternative (among these diverse special interests) to a Kennedy dynasty. Kennedy himself had long been suspect in the eyes of Israel and its allies as we saw in Chapter 4.

We also now know that even the famed “Chicago Mafia” under Sam Giancana was heavily immersed in wide-ranging international dealings with Israel’s Mossad—largely through the good offices of the real boss of the Chicago syndicate, Meyer Lansky’s partner-in-crime, Hyman Lamer. So the theory that even “the Chicago Mafia killed JFK”—we find—has a very distinct “Mossad connection” beyond any doubt.



As early as 1960 (as we documented in Chapter 13), Meyer Lansky’s West Coast henchman, Mickey Cohen, was using Kennedy’s filmland bedpartner, actress Marilyn Monroe, as a conduit for attempting to learn Kennedy’s intentions toward Israel. Kennedy’s introduction to Miss Monroe by one of Cohen’s associates, we have learned, was for this very purpose, and also, perhaps, for ultimately blackmailing JFK. Although “official” history acknowledges the president’s stormy affair with Miss Monroe, its real origins—and the intent for which it was orchestrated—have been covered up and forgotten.

above – poor marilyn was used and abused by the jews in the hollywood and the mossad connected Meyer Lansky crime syndicate – she was killed so she would never be able to spill the beans on how the jews used her to pump info out of JFK regarding his stance towards ISrael

(“Official” history would have us remember—instead—Kennedy’s other widely-publicized illicit relationship with Judith Campbell, mistress of Chicago Mafia boss Sam Giancana.) Cohen, a long-standing disciple of Israel and one of its earliest adherents, had more than a passing interest in the Middle East state. According to one account, we have discovered, Cohen was less than happy with Kennedy’s stance toward Israel.



By April 1963, Kennedy’s relationship with Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and the state of Israel was at a dangerous impasse, particularly over Israel’s determination to develop a nuclear bomb. At Kennedy’s last official press conference, he bemoaned the Israeli lobby’s deliberate sabotage of his own efforts to build bridges to the Arab world. Little did JFK know that the seeds of his own destruction had been sown as a consequence of his efforts to bring peace to the Middle East Israeli leader David Ben-Gurion had developed an intense personal distrust—even hatred and contempt—for Kennedy.

He believed that Kennedy’s presidency was a danger to the very survival of the state of Israel—the nation that Ben-Gurion had helped create. Ben-Gurion, by this time, was consumed with paranoia. He believed that Israel might be destroyed. It was because of his contempt for Kennedy and the American president’s stance toward Israel that Ben-Gurion left his post as prime minister. It is likely that his last act as prime minister was to order Mossad orchestration of a hit on John F. Kennedy. We have learned that it was then-Mossad assassination team chief Yitzhak Shamir who took care of the arrangements necessary to set the conspiracy in motion. Shamir knew, of course, that a diverse array of interests—domestic and international—would like to see Kennedy removed from the White House.


There were a variety of components that could be put together to ensure a successful assassination conspiracy: specifically the Mossad-linked Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate as well as the CIA, and the elements in their spheres of influence. Was there a code name for the conspiracy against President Kennedy? More than likely. But we, of course, will surely never know its name. Did the Mossad, perhaps, call it “Operation Haman”—naming the conspiracy to kill the American president after Haman, the ancient Amalekite conspirator who desired the destruction of the Jewish people? That code name would be as reasonable as any, considering Ben-Gurion’s hatred for Kennedy—a modern-day Haman in his eyes.



A network of assassin recruitment and planning was set in motion through the aegis of the Mossad-CIA-Lansky combine, with the shadowy Permindex entity at the very center of the operation. All stood to benefit from John F. Kennedy’s removal from office. Many people on the periphery of the conspiracy—indeed, perhaps even many of those at the center—did not know how or why they were being directed to undertake many of the actions that they did that advanced the ultimate aim of removing JFK from the White House.

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from pages 356-359 – “Final Judgement” by Michael Collins Piper –
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