How To Fix America – pt2

By Brother Nathanael Kapner

below is a written transcript of the video above ( plus memes)

America’s in big trouble.

But we can’t fix it until we pinpoint the problems.

The Economy.


It’s tanked and not getting any better.

Wall Street—Jewish Finance Capital—has shipped our manufacturing jobs to China and our high tech jobs to India. Our middle class is sunk.

Fix. Slap a tariff on China-made products and lower business tax rates here.

This stops Jewish Wall Street’s treason and our jobs come back home.



Democracy is awarded to the highest bidder and the Jews own both parties.

Republicans kiss the arse of Sheldon Adelson and Democrats suck up to Aipac.

Even little Rand grovels to the Jews.

Fix. Register Aipac as a foreign government agent and ban their campaign contributions.

Then push Congress to pass the “We The People Amendment” that caps campaign spending to persons only and bans corporations from buying elections.

Under the Act, rights under the Constitution belong to people, not PACS and corporations.



Jews own CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN.

They decide who will live and who will die. They ignored Ron Paul and smeared Pat Buchanan.

This time, your choice, I mean THEIR choice, will be Hillary Bush and Jeb Clinton.

Fix. Restrict electioneering to a publicly-funded national media forum giving all candidates equal time.

This stops Jewish bias and democracy comes back home.



Jewish bankers own the money-creating franchise called the Federal Reserve.

They loan money to the government and gouge us with interest.

Fix. Put the power of issuing money back into the hands of government as mandated by our Constitution.

This stops the Jewish banking cabal and our sovereignty is restored.



The Supreme Court with four Jews favoring same-sex unions is about to redefine marriage.

This results in a polarized country and weakens moral resolve.

Fix. Restrict the percentage of representation. Jews make up less than 2% of the population yet have 45% representation on our highest bench.

A reset would trash them all save one. Sotomayor could stay, until we limit judicial terms of office.

America’s in trouble and everyone knows it.

My fix is in. Make it happen and we’ve got a fighting chance.

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