The Feminsim Psy-Op 

by Anthony Migchels


Women have been dating for diners, favors, status, attention and easy living for decades now and men are tired of it. They get nothing in return, while they’re being exploited as sugar daddies.

Marriage has proven a disastrous trap. When you’re lucky, you escape with losing everything. A second chance to do something serious, or at least something you like, with your life.

The worst case scenario is you don’t, and end up like an empty shell, existing only as a shadow of her desire. You see all these old ‘men’ getting Alzheimers after being ordered around for 40 years or more. Talked to brain death.

It’s not that women are inherently evil. They aren’t. They are more earthly and also more driven by desire. But this could be a strength, if well directed.

They too are a product of our culture and very much also of the long term trauma based mind control to which humanity has been subjected.

But men grow up in awe of female power. Most men are simply psychologically weak and believe they need a woman and her validation. They don’t realize they should accept only one Master.

This is of course quintessential to the human condition.

A man must prioritize his task over his woman and realize that if a woman becomes a liability to his task, he’s better off without her.

The truth is, that the demise of our society is profoundly linked to the time men have wasted on foolishly searching for happiness with woman.


If he had spent only a quarter of these energies on making this World a better place instead of making money to keep her off his back, things would be looking very differently indeed.

True wholeness is found in Source, not in woman, and as more and more men, each in their own way, are rediscovering this, things will start improving.

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