Press TV has conducted an interview with Stephan Lendman, a writer and radio host in Chicago, about the issue of fighting terrorism in the Middle East.


 The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: In a joint press conference held between the Iranian and Iraqi presidents in Tehran, two key issues were brought up. I would like to get your thoughts on them.

Lendman: I should agree there is a great need to do that. The problem is that the ISIL or IS or the al-Nusra Front or al-Qaeda, these are all US creations. These are people, these are terrorists, death squads, Takfiri terrorists and they are recruited by America, they are recruited by US allies – Saudi Arabia, other [Persian] Gulf states – as US proxies to do its dirty work in countries like Syria and now in Yemen. Thousands of Takfiri terrorists imported into Yemen, Saudi Arabia facilitating this, and I agree we need to rout this out but it can never be done as long as its America’s strategy to use these people to fight its dirty wars.


Press TV: The other issue that was brought up was Yemen, as you mentioned, both the presidents of Iran and Iraq condemned the attacks taking place on the impoverished Arab nation of Yemen, which has resulted in the death of numerous civilians including women and children. Talk to us about the ongoing Saudi attacks on Yemen and how many leaders specifically in the region and in the world have been condemning the aerial bombardments of Yemen?

Lendman: I have written so much about the Yemen war, I am equivocal on calling it Obama’s war. There is no question. This is Obama’s war. He is using Saudis and other regional states as US proxies again to do America’s dirty work and the issue is getting Yemen, restoring Yemen as a client state of America, and why is Yemen important? Not because it is rich in natural resources. It has got some oil, but certainly not enough to go to war over. The strategic location of Yemen is important. The waterways through which millions of barrels of oil pass daily, that is the reason Yemen is important.

The other issue is Yemenis’ sovereignty. America tolerates no independent state. So the Houthis that declared sovereignty in Yemen. They want the right to run their own country independently of what others may want from them, namely America and the West, and Washington does not tolerate this.

So we have got a war that is raging and I honestly believe that part of America’s strategy is to inflict maximum pain and suffering on the Yemeni people, mainly civilians, to literally force them to succumb to America’s will just to get the pain to stop, and the so-called five-day truce is nothing more than a worthless PR stunt and we know that the Saudis have been bombing, I do not know how often, but the Saudis have been bombing always after the truce went into effect.

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