David Cameron – Rothschild’s bitch

If you want Britain to be an American-Israeli Lapdog, then vote for Cameron and a Diminished World Role

But if you want a British Bulldog that can and will bite, vote Labour!

Smoloko acknowledges that the Labor party is under Rothschild control and influence and regrets that Anthony Bellchambers doesn’t fully understand the big picture, which involves the fact that the Illuminati Jewish Bankers, who have controlled England’s credit creation since 1694, dominate all mainstream political parties in England. Nevertheless, I post his article to show what a disaster David Cameron has been for the UK.


How the United States and Britain Lost the Bogus Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Just one Nuclear Bomb could destroy the United Kingdom – with or without Trident.  Israel has up to 400 such WMD including nuclear-armed SLCMs now submerged under the Mediterrarean.

A vote for Cameron is a vote for the continuance of Israeli aggression and itsthreat to global peace as the world’s only undeclared nuclear weapons state with a stockpile of WMD that is outside the inspection of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of the United Nations.

Without the threat of Israel’s massive nuclear arsenal, there would be no need for an Iranian nuclear program – it would be unnecessary. The only solution now is a UN-declared Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, (NWFZ) to include both states which will require a formal inspection, by the IAEA, of Israel’s underground nuclear arsenal in the Negev desert, together with its total dismantling under UN supervision. Only then will Europe and the world, breathe easier.


In addition, the British government needs to reinstate the law on ‘universal jurisdiction’ that previously allowed for the prosecution of any foreign citizenalleged to have engaged in crimes against humanity – if arrested on British soil. That law was revoked by a foreign secretary of the Cameron government who unashamedly capitulated to the strident demands of the CFI lobby and Binyamin Netanyahu. An act of political cowardice and appeasement by a British Secretary of State that will not be soon forgotten.

Israel, of course, still refuses to be a party to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to which nearly the entire world is a signatory nor will it submit its huge Dimona nuclear facility to international controls under IAEA jurisdiction.

The cause of this uniquely dangerous policy of so-called ’nuclear ambiguity’ is aclandestine pact between successive U.S. administrations and the powerful Zionist lobby in Washington. This covert arrangement is never discussed in public but has been, and is, instrumental in allowing the State of Israel to exert a military and economic pressure on both the EU and NATO.  This pressure now effectively dominates US foreign policy as can be seen from Mr Netanyahu’s unprecedented recent demonstration of Israeli power over the U.S. House of Representatives.


If you want to be a British bulldog that will bite, then vote Labour but if you want Britain to be just a lobby-controlled American lapdog then vote Cameron and watch as Britain becomes increasingly insignificant both within Europe and around the world – economically, militarily, politically and diplomatically.

That would, of course, be a tragedy for the United Kingdom to be subordinated to an American congress paid by, and beholden to, a powerful, non-elected, political lobby acting for a non-European state. A strong labour government would ensure that Britain is not a submissive party to American political lobbyists of any stripe.


The Conservative-Republican scenario is anathema to the long and proud British tradition of a nation state with an unequalled history of independence,justice and freedom of the individual. It’s called democracy – not, as in the United States Republican congress, in which there is an accepted process whereby votes are openly bought with casino-generated cash.

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