A nuclear deal with Iran will send a clear message to Israel (rothschild) that it “cannot completely dominate US foreign policy,” an American scholar says.


An emerging nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 will send a clear message to Israel that it can no longer “dominate” US foreign policy, an American scholar in Wisconsin says.

A nuclear deal “will greatly lower the danger of war [and] it will send a message to Israel and the Zionist around the world who support it that they cannot completely dominate all aspects of US [foreign] policy,” Dr. Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance, said in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday.

Dr, Barrett, however, argued that Iran must remain cautious and guarded in the face of Western overtures because the US will continue to seek domination over the Islamic Republic even if a nuclear deal is finalized.


“[Iran] will have to remain vigilant and not taken over by the Western international banksters, because that’s what they want,” he said. “They just want to subjugate Iran, whether through war or through usury and economic domination and cultural domination.”

“I do hope that Iran will remain vigilant because the empire never sleeps and it’s always looking for ways to extend its influence and steal money and take over other countries,” he added.

Dr. Barrett said that a new report that the United States and five other countries are closer than ever to a nuclear deal with Iran is “good news.”

Speaking at the United Nations on Monday, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Iran and the P5+1 group of countries are close to comprehensive deal, though hard work remains ahead and some key issues remain unresolved.

The top US diplomat also said a finalized and implemented deal would “give the international community the confidence that it needs to know that Iran’s nuclear program is indeed exclusively peaceful.”


Kerry on Monday met with Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on the sidelines of the 2015 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in New York City.

Monday’s meeting was the first time the two officials held talks since April 2, when Iran and the P5+1 reached a framework agreement over Tehran’s nuclear energy program. The two sides face a deadline of June 30 to finalize a comprehensive deal.

Israel and its powerful lobby in Washington have been working hard to prevent a final nuclear agreement from materializing.

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