Bruce jenner transgender hysteria is typical illuminati social engineering ploy to undermine family and spread dysfunction – satanism is normalizing perversion…

Seriously, look at the guy, he is not right in the mind. It doesn’t take a psychologist or a highly paid professional to be able to see or understand this. This man has a serious mental problem and should be given the proper care needed to help him, but instead our Illuminati Jewish Mainstream Controlled Media uses this poor,dysfunctional man to serve their satanic agenda which involves the destruction of religion, race, nation, and of course family. They (Illuminati Bankers) use homosexuality to destroy family. – Bruce Jenner is a unwitting dupe as Henry Makow would say. Which is why I am reposting Henry Makow’s “Illuminati Persecute Heterosexuals.


Illuminati Persecute Heterosexuals

Turkey baster families? Three Hollywood movies tout artificial insemination.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Every day,  heterosexuals face an insidious mass media campaign designed to make homosexuality the social norm.

This vicious underhanded attack on heterosexual identity is disguised as defending “homosexual rights.” 

To defend gay rights, heterosexuals are taught to deny gender, marriage and family. The fundamental human rights of 98% of the population — the right to natural human development — are violated.


I’d call that hate.

People get their identity, meaning and support from family. The Illuminati is  re engineering humanity to serve them.



Humanity is satanically possessed. This sounds incredible and bizarre but it is literally true.

Humanity is controlled by a satanic cult called the Illuminati. They grew out of the Sabbatean heresy, a satanic Jewish movement from the 17th and 18th century that engulfed half the Jews of Europe. This led directly to the growth of Communism, Socialism, and Zionism.

Jewish rabbis identified them as Satanist and said they would destroy Judaism.


Their blueprint for world satanic domination is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Homosexuality is just one of many  “false doctrines” designed to weaken and enslave the goyim. “We must introduce into their education all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order.” (Protocols 16)

Sigmund Freud was a Sabbatean Jew. The Sabbateans practiced every sexual deviance including wife swapping, incest and pedophilia as a means of flaunting God and the natural/spiritual order. This satanic practice has been introduced as “sexual liberation” “feminism” and “gay rights.” .

Sabbatean Jews have incredible power by virtue of their control of government credit. They have created a puppet Gentile elite using Freemasonry (Cabalism for goyim.) Barack Obama is one of many such Masonic puppets. They control corporations (advertising), government, education and the mass media which is devoted to social engineering.


The Illuminati substitute their self-serving reality for true reality. They make lies seem truth; evil seem good.

This is why the world is becoming a zanier and zanier place. History and current events are literally scripted. We are living in a matrix.

Remember that scene of people fleeing from the crashing towers on 9-11. Remind you of a Hollywood disaster movie? The same Illuminati mentality scripted and funded the “Al Queda” attack as the summer blockbuster in your local theater.

The world wars were similarly choreographed complete with costumes and songs. Better to kill the goyim. Expendable non-Sabbatean Jews had to die in order to disguise this plot.

To control the world, the Sabbateans must recreate it in their own image. That requires destruction of religion, race, nation, and of course family. They use homosexuality to destroy family.


Homosexuality is a developmental disorder caused by gender confusion. It is promoted as a normal lifestyle choice to undermine heterosexuals and ultimately enslave society.

Despite what the mass media says, the vast majority of homosexuals want sex not marriage or children. This is the Illuminati vision for heterosexuals.

As I have said, they are turning us into homosexuals. (How would gays feel if they were subjected to such a campaign in reverse?) My readers tell me that between 25 and 50% of the young females they meet are bisexual. Do you think this is conducive to successful heterosexual marriage and family?



Here are some examples of the current media barrage intended to undermine and replace heterosexual norms:

Movie – “The Switch” with Jennifer Aniston. Aging feminist resorts to turkey baster to have child. Discovers male friend switched his sperm. Only way men can have children these days.

Aniston  got headlines by saying “women don’t need men to have a child.” She is a role model for millions of young girls. “A List” actors and actresses are Illuminati mouthpieces.

Movie – “The Back up Plan” – Jennifer Lopez plays a woman who conceives twins through artificial insemination, only to meet the man of her dreams on the very same day.

Movie – “The Children are all Right” – The children of two lesbians find their common sperm donor father who is only too happy to enter the family dynamic.

All three movies mimic normal healthy heterosexual families in order to show that they aren’t necessary.

News Item – Gay Actor Neil Patrick Harris and partner will have twin boys with “beautiful surrogate ” in Oct.

News Item- Kathy Griffin tells Larry King: “Heterosexual marriage should be a criminal offense.”

She says  gay marriage is a “civil rights issue.” What about the civil rights of 96% of the population who don’t want their
institutions attacked and redefined out of existence?

News Item – ABC news is the most  Illuminati Jewish network of the three. In the show “What Would You DO?” August 20 they showed two beautiful “lesbians” kissing on a park bench and filmed the reaction of passers-by. Although some criticism was noted, the message is that “love conquers all.” I wonder what the reaction would have been if those girls looked like butches? In another episode, they showed people defending gays against “gay bashing.” Heterosexuals, not gays are being oppressed.

News Item – “Gender Differences Due to Socialization not Genetics” The Guardian Aug. 15   In her new book “Delusions of Gender” feminist scientist Cordelia Fine says there are no neurological differences between the sexes.”


More “News” Items

Children Of Lesbians May Do Better Than Their Peers [Time]
Few Psychological Problems For Children Of Lesbian Mothers [Medpage Today]
Kids Of Lesbians Have Fewer Behavioral Problems, Study Suggests [CNN]

As with climate warming and homosexuality, the Illuminati manufacture their own science and then tout it in their wholly owned mass media.


The Illuminati attack on gender has resulted in untold suffering and degradation for millions of heterosexuals. Young men and women depend on marriage and family for purpose and satisfaction. Instead, many young women are turning to pornography, satanism and prostitution.

The Illuminati takeover is entering its final stages. War, financial upheaval,
migrations, natural disasters, plagues etc. are all part of the agenda. We can only keep our head by recognizing that it is all being engineered by the Illuminati and their lackeys, our so-called political and cultural leaders.

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