My Life With Jews


(above, More Jews need to disavow Zionism and ZOG, Zionist Occupational Government.)

Angelo gives the lie to the notion that you’re an anti Semite if
you oppose the Illuminati Jewish agenda.

“I am not a born Jew-hater. It is just that their agenda is clear to me and that is to dominate and control the world by any means possible while the Talmud talks about enslaving or killing non-Jews. I want no part of that.”

 by Angelo

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I have been studying Illuminati Jewish world domination for years. I have watched them destroy my country with their death grip on our money and media and government and military and just about everything else.

 I was born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island. In my neighborhood, I was the ONLY gentile growing up…so I do not hate all Jews like some people. I hate Zionism and government psychopaths like Bibi Netanyahu and Wolfowitz and Perle and other scumbags like Larry Silverstein and Mike Chertoff.  All one needs to do is understand exactly what they did on 9/11.
The average Jew is OK by me. I know many. My first wife was Jewish. I worked for a Jew for 25 years. We are best friends to this day….so not all are bad. I am not a born Jew-hater. It is just that their agenda is clear to me and that is to dominate and control the world by any means possible while the Talmud talks about enslaving or killing non-Jews. I want no part of that.
I also feel they are over represented in too many key aspects of our society (money, media, entertainment, most industries, major corporations, Hollywood and even Disney). They seem to control everything but are less than 2% of our population….no good.  We will be paying a huge price for allowing this to happen.

AN ITALIAN AMONG JEWSitaly photo italy.gif

Both of my parents were born in Italy and immigrated to the U.S. when they were young children.  I identify as an American citizen. I never include my Italian Heritage.  I was very much accepted by the Jews growing up in NYC area. My childhood friends were mostly Jewish kids on the block…the Grossmans, the Rosenfelds, the Kronfelds. There were some religious and cultural differences  but this did not really matter because they were my friends and we did things together. My parents would socialize with the parents of my friends.


The Jewish kids were impressive….great students and serious about becoming successful. Maybe that is why I am so successful today. Living and growing up with Jews made me conscious as a child of the importance of education and hard work. Good training growing up with Jews.  I went to college and not into the military because that’s what all my Jewish friends did.  I worked at a Jews-only country club in Glen Head New York parking cars as a Valet for 3 years.

My Dad was the sole owner of a factory that employed 300 people and made hand bag frames for the pocketbook (Hand bag) industry. He was very successful.  I have Jewish friends today. I have some great respect for Jews not hatred.They are one step ahead of most people and they are smart and will do whatever is necessary to be successful. They are a super strong form of a human being….very tough and very driven.  My family always found the Jews to be delightful people with great vision and senses of humor….very festive and funny folks.

My first wife was Jewish. Jewish women are demanding and fussy.  Not good partners for me. I dated many….the girl I took to the Junior Prom and the Senior Prom was a Jewish girl named Susan. I married a Jewish girl but we divorced after three years of marriage. I was too immature to be married at 28.  Was not her fault. We divorced because I was more interested in my motorcycle, sports and partying….a bad husband. My sister is married to a Jew.

I worked for a Jew for 25 years. We are best friends to this day.  He was a tough demanding boss….played no games….and I became the top producer in the company so we got along fine. We both made millions of dollars in our successful partnership.  He was the best boss I have ever had….compassionate, fair, attentive and willing to do whatever needed to be done to ensure my success.  I would say that Lenny was the best all around man I have ever met….we are like brothers.  So when I talk to him about the Jewish takedown/takeover of America. I need to be careful in what I say for fear not to insult him. Sometimes I just opt to say nothing.



I have 1000 hours of research into the  9/11 false flag mass murder atrocity.  I read Chris Bollyn’s book called 9/11 The Deception that changed the world.  I am 100% sure that the whole idea of 9/11 was spawned by Israel and carried out by Israel with the help and assistance of UK, Saudi Arabia and the US. It proves the US is a puppet state to Israel.

The Illuminati Jews needed a new Pearl Harbor event to catalyze the masses into fear and submission. How stupid people are to believe this nonsense? But the Jews also control the media so they were able to pull off the hoax. Other countries see 9/11 for what is really was….a Jewish false flag op.  The dual purpose of 9/11 in a nutshell was to terrify the populace here in the Western World and put fear into the hearts of the people so that they would gladly sacrifice their freedoms for safety measures.


The second purpose of 9-11 was to gain support for the NWO War on Terror which is a total farce in the Middle East ….(destroying all of ISRAELS enemies) and creating a police state here in the US. It was the biggest fraud (besides the FED which was 13 Jewish families)  ever perpetrated on the American lemmings.

I have terminated my friendships will those that do not understand the truth…and for me 9/11 is the litmus test. If you don’t understand 9/11, you cannot be my friend…PERIOD!   No exceptions except for my family. My brother in law is Jewish and he gets a free pass from me because he is “family” But most Jews don’t even want to discuss any aspect of what really happened on 9/11 because they ALL KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED AND Jews don’t need to be hated more than they already are in this world.

It makes me sad and angry. I feel like leaving the country….tired of the nonsense from the Jewish and non-Jewish Zionists.  These Jews are bad Jews for sure.



My research is solid and on the money.  Many alternative websites out there try to deceive the reader with false info….so that they never really learn the truth about what really happened…sites like Rense and Veterans Today are loaded with shills that are paid to lie and mislead folks.  The purpose of these shills is to put confusion into the minds of  those researching 9/11.  These disinfo sites are everywhere…THEY OUTRIGHT LIE….many put up by the government to confuse everybody. A good safe site to look at and get the truth on 9/11 is or….or google Jim Stone or John Kaminski (he may be a Jew) …..or Victor Thorn on Jootube is excellent.  Avoid Eric Huffschmid ….Just ask Chris Bollyn about him,….the worst.

One of the ways I determine if there is any truth there is if I don’t hear the J word. No J word means no truth. How can anybody discuss the events of today without talking about the group that controls almost everything?
Their agenda is clear to me and that is to dominate and control the world by any means possible.  Henry Ford said many years ago that if he could “corral the worlds 50 richest Jews there would be no more wars.” I agree with him.  The central banks are the perpetrators of all the wars the world has seen and the central banks are controlled by Jews.There mindset is that there is no money in Peace….but big money is in War, destruction, sadness and heart break. The central banks lend the money to the countries fighting in the war hence make huge profits and they don’t always even care which side wins.  It is all about the Jews’ control of the worlds money supply that has made them so dangerous. Money truly is the root of all evil.FedTalmudJewMeme1

 Makow Comment (encore):  Anti Semitism is a red herring and a ruse used to disarm opposition to an Orwellian political agenda. The mainspring of this agenda is the Illuminati central banker who wishes to expand his monopoly over credit to a monopoly over every aspect of life. The Establishment – both Jews and non-Jews (Freemasons) – are witting and unwitting collaborators in this pernicious plan.
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