The Banking Swindle

The Banking Swindle (Book)

Introduction –

By Anthony Migchels

Lord Acton Left us with two famous quotes that basically sum up the human predicament: He first warns us that ‘power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ Later He said: ‘The issue which has swept sown the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.’


The centralization of power in ever fewer hands at ever higher levels is a clear trend in modern history. Especially since the Second World War Supra-National Governance has escalated remarkably. Closer scrutiny undeniably shows that financial interests are behind this trend.

This is the Empire of Mammon, the power Power.  It has haunted humanity ever since the beginning of time and it was Jesus’ main temporal enemy. In fact: it is the physical manifestation of the Evil One’s rule in the Earthly domain,  Its main tool is its control of the money supplies of the nations, which it owns as a monopoly and which it uses to maximize profits through Usury and the Boom/Bust Cycle: alternating inflation and deflation.


Usury is the ultimate centralizer of power. The poorest 80% of the world payer more interest than they receive to the richest 10% – (Margrit Kennedy/Helmet Creutz). The total global wealth transfer amounts to anywhere between 5 to 10 trillion dollars per pear. Worse: millionaires pay more interest than they receive to billionaires and the billionaires are interest slaves to the trillionaires. Yes, we have trillionaires on this planet.

What this means, is that all the interest that is paid in the entire world ultimately ends up with the very richest at the absolute top of the food chain. This has been dubbed Usurious Usurpation .

It is the awareness of this foe and its main weapon, Usury, that motivates us to organize monetary reform; both at the Government level and through non-usurious local and regional currencies, like the Gelre.


Kerry Bolton tracks back the Money Power to ancient times and explores how it re-entered Europe via the Dutch Republic and the nascent British Empire. He describes in no uncertain terms how the Money Power was behind many of the conflicts we mistakenly assume were purely between competing Nation States. He rewrites Western History as an ongoing struggle against Mammon’s Empire.

The Banking Swindle is well researched and fast paced and analyzes both the political and monetary realities of the last few centuries. Dr.Bolton’s research of the many different proposals for monetary reform in different parts of the world throughout the ages, providing a much welcome comparative history, is exemplary. His analysis of the Marxist-Capitalist Dialectic is indispensable.

The Banking Swindle is a highly recommended primer for all those awakening to the political realities mainstream media and science desperately try to ignore. Most useful for monetary reformists looking to get a better grasp of the available proposals. A most welcome effort in a struggle that is close to it’s climax.

Anthony Migchels ~
Anthony Migchels is an Interest-Free Currency activist and founder of the Gelre, the first regional currency in the netherlands. His articles on Usury, Money Power and Monetary Reform have been syndicated on most of the leading outlets of the alternative media and can be found here
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