Boston Defendant is Drugged & Defenseless

America’s transition to a police state continues with a 1930’s-style Stalinist show trial.

What kind of country commits acts of terror and  frames an innocent 21-year-old man who cannot defend himself because he has been drugged?

The US is satanically possessed by the same insidious force behind Communism.

Latest:  Dzhokhar found guilty on all 30 charges. Awaits sentence. Could be death.


As the jury deliberates today, certainly Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s  will be sentenced to death or life imprisonment. His “trial” has been a farce. His lawyer pled him guilty and did not mount a defense.

After the Prosecution took 15 days, the “Defense” took six hours. It ignored evidence that Tsarnaev was carrying a white backpack. A Craft International agent carried the black backpack containing the bomb.

By Dick Eastman

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The accused has been without friends in the court.  The appointed public defenders have had one goal — to protect the government’s false accusations from exposure. Lead Prosecutor William D. Weinreb has submitted false evidence, knowing the public defenders would not challenge him.

Weinreb told the Jury that the bombing was Muslim revenge for US foreign policy. Illuminati Jews like Weinreb have been prominent in perpetrating false flags on Americans to justify the creation of a police state.

(above, Clearly Tsarnaev’s pack does not contain a heavy pressure cooker, and it is not black.)

Not only is Tsarnaev denied a real defense, he is denied his own will and volition in court. After the day’s proceeding, he remembers nothing of the trial — not even his lawyers admission that “He did it.”

Scopolomine was used to control James Holmes and likely it is being used to control Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  The drug incapacitates the victim, rendering him docile and child-like, without even a memory of what occurred.

Dzhokhar has no “friends” to see him up close, to talk to him, to detect if his behavior is not being controlled through psycho-pharmacology.  He is kept from other prisoners and is not allowed to speak to his family.  Earlier he protested his innocence, yet he did not react when the public defender, Judy Clarke, said in her opening remarks, “He did it.”  Nor did he make any comments to defense counsel when the prosecution was making its case.

This is a man who during the manhunt was shouting “We didn’t do it.”  and “You’ve got the wrong ones.”

Clearly, the prosecution and public defenders are in collusion to get the entire federal case — with its many obvious falsehoods — through the trial without any challenge.  Even CNN remarked said the Defense was disappinting: “The defense presented just four witnesses who talked about the science of Internet searches and fingerprints. The sidebar conferences with the judge seemed to take almost as long as the testimony — all of six hours. After the drama of the prosecution’s case, the defense seemed dry and hard to follow.”

(Clearly the bomb was left by Craft International agents)


The indictment says both bombs were in black backpacks. There are video shots of Bolyston Street in front of the Forum Restaurant where the second bomb went off, showing the black backpack on the street 12 to 15 feet from the Green Mailbox next to where the explosion went off.bostonBOMBINGbackpackMEME2

On the first day after the explosion, Special Agent in Charge stated that black nylone remains were found   — nothing about a white backpack remains — and later he read the forensic analysis conclusion that BOTH BOMBS were contained in “black nylon  bags or backpacks.

But Dzhokhar’s backpack was white with thin black trim — all photos of Dzhokhar with backpack confirm this.    So how could FBI Special Agent Sarah De Lair appear  hold up “pieces of  the black and white backpack for the jury” and say, “the pieces were found near the Forum restaurant, where Tsarnaev planted and detonated a bomb.”   If Dzhokhar’s white backpack with black trim was the one that had a bomb explode inside it, how come there is no picture of white backpack remains?


How come the blasted black backpack with the white square label matches the black nylon backpacks the Craft International paramilitary were carrying very near the site of the explosion? There are pictures of one CI agent running away without the backpack he had on moments before.

And we must say that if the CI’s black nylon backpack was not the bomb backpack, how did it get off the CI’s back, blasted open, and deposited on Boyleston street so near to where the explosion went off?

The jury was not shown the blasted black backpack.  The reason is patently obvious.  The Prosecution puts protecting Craft International and its crimes for the sake of the war on terror more than he values justice or the life of an innocent man.

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First Comment from James Perloff

When courts are controlled by the same oligarchy that owns the media and the government, trials become completely meaningless.  It is still possible, of course, to get justice in a minor case, but not in a high-profile one where the PTB have a stake. Tsarnaev’s token “defense” exists only to give the public the illusion of a fair trial.  The event looks scripted and its outcome as predictable as the ending of a movie we’ve already watched.  There’s a war on against truth, and only in alternative media will the people find it. – 

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