New Book completely exposes Charlie Hebo falseflag attack

I’m attacked by French President, website hacked, deleted from Wikipedia

by Kevin Barrett

Charlie Hebdo book threatens to unleash paradigm shift

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

"Ban zees book!"

The book is now available for purchase (if the website is working)

It was bad enough being personally attacked by the President of France, who is threatening to ban my “conspiracy theories” at the national, European, and global levels.

Even as Hollande is attacking me, they’ve launched cyber-attacks on my book’s website and deleted my Wikipedia entry. Here is what you now get when you look for “Kevin Barrett” on Wikipedia.

My extensive and extensively-vandalized Wikipedia entry had been up for almost a decade. Now it’s gone. Here’s how it used to look:


It’s ironic that even as the President of France attacked me as one of the world’s five leading conspiracy intellectuals, Wikipedia decided I was less significant than a couple of former rugby and cricket players of the same name.

If you google my name you get 28 million results and they’re pretty much all me, with very few mentions of retired rugby players.

googleSomehow I don’t think they took down my page because I had suddenly slipped into insignificance…at the same time I was being singled out by the President of France.

Like Jason Taverner, the celebrity hero of a Philip K. Dick novel, I have awakened into a world in which I no longer exist – at least not on Wikipedia. I have been…deleted.

On the other hand, being deleted from Wikepedia IS better than being deleted, period. I hear they occasionally do that to “conspiracy theorists.” Like Jim Keith dying from “blunt force trauma to the chest” during knee surgery, or Bill Cooper getting shot down in his own home for exposing 9/11,  or Dorothy Kilgallen getting whacked to nix her book on the JFK assassination.


Along with Wikipedia’s consigning me to oblivion, someone launched cyber attacks on the We Are NOT Charlie Hebdowebsite.

Listen to my discussion with Huffington Post Bloggers Union journalist Daniel Bruno, who discovered the Wikipedia deletion and cyber-hacking.

It seems that someone really, REALLY does not want you to read We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo.

Why are they so afraid of this book?


Maybe because, as David Ray Griffin says, it’s a “breakthrough in the study of State Crimes Against Democracy (SCADS).” Exposing a huge false flag less than three months after it happened, in the form of a credible, scholarly book, is something new under the sun.

We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo has been recommended by a former Canadian Minister of Defense and one of the world’s leading International Law professors. It includes essays by two former Presidential advisors, a six-term Congressional representative who ran for president, the world’s best-known liberal Jewish thinker, France’s leading engagé philosopher, the world’s leading liberal protestant theologian, and the current Supreme Leader of Iran…among other serious people.

We Are Not Charlie Hebdo shreds the official myth and blows the pieces away like confetti in a hurricane. Even readers who don’t like “conspiracy theories” will be unable to dismiss this book, given the gravitas of the people behind it.CharlieHebdoMemeBook

No wonder they wish it would just go away. No wonder they wish I would just go away. No wonder they’re trying to make me, and the book, vanish from cyberspace.

Some day there may be a “cyber-9/11″ that will make Hollande’s proposed ban on internet conspiracy theories a reality. That is one good reason to purchase and hang onto a hard copy of this book.

Another reason: If We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo does well, it could be a game changer. As communications professor James Tracy says, there is a paradigm shift underway. More and more people are waking up to the reality of false flags. This book, with its credible deconstruction of Charlie Hebdo and other false flags that preceded and followed it, could help push the process to completion.

[Listen to James Tracy discussing the coming “conspiracy theory paradigm shift” on my radio show.]
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