Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeks a “nuclear monopoly” in the Middle East in violation of international law, an American scholar says.

The US Intelligence Community has acknowledged that Iran is not in pursuit of a nuclear weapons program despite Western and Israeli accusations, said James Henry Fetzer, who is also an editor at Veterans Today and a retired professor in Madison, Wisconsin.


“Netanyahu is attempting to maintain a nuclear monopoly in the Middle East which is completely inappropriate and a violation of international law,” Fetzer told Press TV on Monday.

“Iran has not been pursuing nuclear weapons; all 16 US intelligence agencies converged in that conclusion,” he said.


“Given that the United States, the Pentagon, has now acknowledged that Israel is a nuclear state, it’s time for discussion of this issue in the United Nations to compel Israel to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and take the shipment of such weapons out of Tel Aviv under rigid international control,” he noted.

On Thursday, the P5+1 group – the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany – reached an outline of a potentially historic agreement with Iran over Tehran’s civilian nuclear work that would lift all international sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic in exchange for certain steps Tehran will take with regard to its nuclear program.nuclearIranMEME25

US President Barack Obama has hailed the “historic understanding” with Iran, saying that it paves the way for a final agreement in three months.

Israeli officials have called it a “historic mistake which will make the world far more dangerous.”

Netanyahu told CNN on Sunday that the nuclear understanding reached in Switzerland last week was a “bad deal” which would endanger Israel’s survival.isarelNuclearMeme67

“It doesn’t roll back Iran’s nuclear program. It keeps a vast nuclear infrastructure in place,” Netanyahu said. “Not a single centrifuge is destroyed. Not a single nuclear facility is shut down including the underground facilities….Thousands of centrifuges will keep spinning enriching uranium. That’s a bad deal.”

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