Saudi Arabia’s best days could be coming to an end

Hezbollah Units Move into Saudi

Will Hezbollah bring Saudi’s war on Yemen home to roost?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at VeteransToday

The video above shows a Hezbollah unit from inside Iraq entering Saudi Arabia.  A Saudi military facility can be seen in the video.

Here is what we are told:

Hezbollah units long infiltrated into Saudi Arabia are more than prepared to bring the war in Yemen home to Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi move south against Yemen makes one thing clear, despite protests, Saudi Arabia has more than an understanding with ISIS, much more.  Below is a video prepared for the KSA after 9/11.  Issues of key vulnerabilities are discussed that have an impact on Saudi strategic planning and why they might align themselves with ISIS, Al Nusra and the Muslim Brotherhood.

As we see in this second video, found as a VHS tape in a box under my basement stairs, our friends in Saudi Arabia have depended on an American presence in Iraq for their security.  With the Americans gone, ISIS has been securing Saudi Arabia or so it seems.

Now that Saudi Arabia plans to play policeman in Yemen, albeit from the air only, we will see how willing they are to get their hands dirty on the ground.


Perhaps readers should be reminded that the “government of Yemen” that resigned and fled to Saudi Arabia gained legitimacy through a 2012 “color revolution” and a 98% majority in an election with only one candidate and “65% voting” by 5% of eligible voters.

What we are saying and what we have said all along regarding Ukraine, we don’t have a coup against a government at all but a failure of an earlier coup that simply never took hold.  What the press is reporting is lie upon lie.

And so it goes…

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Preston James, Ph.D comments  –
This is an outstanding article that shows that despite all the western and American weapons systems, Saudi Arabia is still quite vulnerable militarily. Saudi Arabia is run by a exceedingly corrupt family whose days in power are numbered and there are deep conflicts smoldering away in Saudi Arabia. The Saud Family have Judaic origins by their own admission and have been functioning as the evil stepchild of the Likudists in Israel, training terror cells for Israel and the Bush faction of the CIA which is almost all of it and financing ISIL/ISIS/Daish.

The Saudis maltreatment and total lack of respect for women and humanity in general will come home to roost now that the King is dead and the princes are struggling to take power against each other. And as oil revenues fall and their massive investments in the west evaporate as the Rothschild money evaporates, they better learn to package and market sand for western sandboxes or come up with some other means of income. New types of very cheap energy are close at hand and as they are rolled out from numerous nations that have them now, soon oil will only be used for plastics, clothing and electronics, with very little for motor vehicles. And has hemp once again become legal, which will happen soon because its a fast growing cash crop with many uses, oil usage will drop even more. Hemp makes great paper and cardboard, building materials, clothing, rope, and food, yes, hemp protein powder is a great food.

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