The US should cut back its military aid to Israel if Obama was serious about peace in the Middle East.

The US should cut back its military aid to Israel if Obama was serious about peace in the Middle East.



“He should establish his bona fides by at least proposing sanctions against Israel for its continued building of illegal settlement in the occupied territories,” he added.

The analyst made the comments after a report said the Obama administration left open the “possibility of letting the United Nations set a deadline for a Palestinian state.”

France is expected to introduce a measure setting a deadline for the establishment of a Palestinian state within two years, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Friday.

The US as a permanent member of the Security Council has repeatedly vetoed such resolutions during the past years.

 Grossman also noted that the next US president would not support the cause of justice for Palestine.


“All indications are that the next president will be a Republican who is entirely unsympathetic to Palestine. Indeed, even the leading democrat candidates are entirely pro-Israel. Does anyone seriously expect that either Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, or any other leading Democrat will suddenly do a flip flop and start supporting the cause of justice for Palestine?” he asked.

“Nothing substantial happens in US politics within a one-year time frame unless the agenda is fully embraced by the establishment. Certainly a fundamental shift away from a policy which, like the US policy towards Israel, has been embraced by countless successive US presidents for decades, cannot even be started in any meaningful sense, let alone achieved, by a lame duck president in the last year of his second term. People of conscience cannot afford to be deluded about this,” he explained.

The international lawyer also rejected Washington’s support for the creation of an independent Palestinian state.


“The US establishment does not embrace statehood for Palestine so we should not allow our efforts to be diverted because of claims that, it is suddenly conceivable that,  this one time,  the US  ‘may’ opt not to use its veto in the Security Council to derail the French proposal being spoken about,” he stated.

“In any case, even if the US did abstain from the vote, we can assume that when the proposed two year deadline is up, the next US president will almost certainly veto any resolutions required to recognize Palestinian statehood, and we should not have any doubts about it, full international recognition of Palestine’s statehood will require UN resolutions,” he said.


“We need to stop pinning our hopes on the USA. The United States has been the center of power for political Zionism since World War I. The peculiar willingness of Americans to champion the cause of belligerent Zionist colonialism in Palestine is certainly not likely to wane in the foreseeable future,” Grossman concluded.

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