Cognitive Dissonance Defines Our Lives

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The dictionary tells us that cognitive dissonance is “a feeling of discomfort that comes from holding two contradictory ideas at the same time.”

For example, in the movie “Chicago,” when a wife catches her husband in bed with two women, he insists that he is alone.

“What do you mean?” she says. “I can see two women!”

His reply: “Believe what I tell you; not what you see!”

Naturally, the woman had cognitive dissonance. She also had a gun and resolved the contradiction by shooting her husband.

“Chicago” is a revelation of the Illuminati method. They instruct us to believe what we are told instead of what our eyes, ears and common sense tell us.


The “what we are told” is a satanic spell cast by the Illuminati, a satanic cult led by Cabalist Jews and Masons that controls most of our information, education and so-called culture by funding an army of opportunists and dupes.

As you know, this cult derives its power from the central banking cartel which is using its monopoly over government credit to gain a monopoly over everything on earth: wealth, power, mind and spirit.

Humanity is under a satanic spell that consists of lies and corruption,  i.e. deceit and decadence.

The Illuminati (Freemasonry) has infiltrated and taken over most organizations. 

We are to occupy the lower ranks of their cult as servants and chattels. The TSA is conditioning the public to accept routine sexual abuse.


The Illuminati began as a satanic Jewish heresy called the Sabbateans which spread to half the Jews in Europe, including the Rothschild syndicate. They took over Freemasonry and subverted most nations by intermarrying and pretending to convert.

The Illuminati spawned Communism. Their aims and methods are identical: the end of freedom, marriage, family, inheritance, patriotism and private property, (they will own everything in the guise of the “State.”) They are a satanic despotism that secretly rules the world, a cancer infecting society.

They were behind both the Nazis and the Communists, hiding their tracks by persecuting non-Sabbatean Jews. Thus, in World War Two, they were able to destroy Germany and much of Europe, and advance their plan for central banker world tyranny.


The template of cognitive dissonance is where they replace God with Satan, light with darkness by calling darkness light. This is the source of our cognitive dissonance and it takes place all of the time.

Thus, when it is obvious that the universe is governed by a magnificent creative power and that following the inherent natural and moral design results in health and happiness, we are punished for espousing this view. We are told the universe is empty and chaotic.

Why? Because the essence of the New World Order is replacing what is real with what is false i.e. replacing God with the cabalistic central banker who is reorganizing the world according to his interests. When he is done, we will not remember the truth.


This Illuminati banker is behind most wars and revolutions; he is behind the so-called “Enlightenment” — all designed to undermine and control humanity, and enable him to supplant God.

“Humanism” only deifies the cabalist banker. It debases humanity by stripping us of our connection to God.

So there we have the template: instead of acknowledging our Creator and his design so we may prosper, we are taught to deny His existence, defy His morality, and live in a dysfunctional solipsism in the name of “freedom.”

“Modernity” is simply the satanist’s rejection of inherent order and purpose. It is the glorification of the alienated individual’s dysfunction and reflects the Illuminati Jews’ alienation from man and universe alike. Modernism eschews the universal in favor of the solipsistic and personal because truth is universal.

Our cognitive dissonance comes from the contrast between what God (common sense, instinct, intuition and our senses) reveals, and what the paid liars and dupes of the Illuminati tell us to believe.

I wasted much of my life because I listened to the bankers’ “great men” instead of myself.


9-11 afforded many such examples. We are told planes hit the Pentagon and Shanksville PA.  But there was no wreckage. We are told Larry Silverstein demolished WTC-7 but not the twin towers? WTC-7 was wired for demolition but the twin towers weren’t?

9-11 provided a pretext for a bogus war on terror, designed to strip us of our civil rights. The real terrorists are the central bankers, their politicians and mass media. They murdered over 3000 people in broad daylight.MasonicJEW911falseflagMeme

Gender is a “social construction” except when women act like men and vice versa. Women are stronger and better than men.

Children don’t need heterosexual role models. Women don’t need husbands; children don’t need fathers and mothers.


Homosexuality was a developmental disorder until 1973 when the Rockefellers decided it was made to disorder marriage and family. Now our traitorous leaders and educators are imposing it on heterosexuals.

Romantic love is the purpose of existence. Sex (especially with a beautiful woman) is the highest experience life has to offer. The more sex the better. (All not true. We are really seeking God’s love which they took away.)

It goes on and on. Like residents in former Communist countries, we need to discern the truth behind the deceptions of the government, mass media or schools.

The cognitive dissonance we experience is the difference between truth (God) and lies (the Illuminati’s satanic spell.) In the Protocols of Zion, the author repeats, “our watchwords are force and make-believe.”


Deception only works on a credulous audience. We won’t suffer cognitive dissonance if we understand our metaphysical and political predicament

I invite my readers to send examples of “Believe what I tell you, not what you see.”

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