Attack on Heterosexuality is Satanism

The essence of  satanism is to substitute the perverted mindset of the Luciferian central bankers for God-given reality.


This means that all that is natural and healthy must be deemed sick; all that is true is false; and all that is good is evil.
This applies to the promotion of homosexuality and the disparagement of heterosexuality.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Recently a tiny state-funded daycare in Stockholm was in the news for adopting heterophobic policies including the promotion of gender confusion and homosexuality.

The action of a lesbian daycare director with 33 pre-schoolers is not significant. Significant is that the Illuminati mass media heralded it as a “progressive” experiment rather than child abuse. The same thing happened in May when  Marxist trendies in Toronto decided to mess with their newborn’s mind by denying his/her gender.

The promotion of heterophobic acts without labeling them as such is a veiled assault on heterosexual society. It is an ongoing psy op designed to destabilize society and weaken its resistance to the NWO by undermining marriage and family.

It also reveals the true Communist and satanic nature of the NWO. Yes, the NWO is designed to concentrate all wealth and power on the hands of the Illuminati central bankers.

But more than that, it is a state of mind, a satanic spell characterized by homosexuality, pornography, money-lust, violence, deception and death. We are all being inducted into this satanic cult which is based on the Kabbalah.



The essence of satanism is to substitute the perversions of Lucifer-loving bankers for God-given reality.  This means that all that is natural and healthy must be deemed sick; all that is true is false; and all that is good is evil. And vice versa.

Thus, we have a vicious mindless attack on gender, and male-female love, things that are healthy, natural, god-given and necessary.

Male and female gender spans all of nature. Gender differences are documented in science.

“There has seldom been a greater divide between what intelligent, enlightened opinion presumes – that men and women have the same brain – and what science knows: that they do not,” writes Neuropsychologist Dr Anne Moir.

“Conclusive scientific research presents an irrefutable truth: The difference between men and women is not merely physical. It is neurological, too. Male and female human brains are wired differently, causing us to think, feel, react and respond in strikingly different ways.”


Common sense tells us that women are different because they have babies. Children must be conceived in love and raised in a secure and wholesome environment. Men and women have complementary roles based on different skills and temperaments.

The satanist Illuminati attack on gender is an attack on heterosexuals and on love itself.  Obviously, the economic elite and media are complicit. They are controlled by the Illuminati banking cartel.



Under Communism, science and art were repressed if they did not conform to “revolutionary” truth. Revolutionary refers to the overthrow of God (reality, truth, morality) and the replacement with the rule of Illuminati bankers fronted by the State.

These perverts are instituting their Communist satanism in the form of the NWO. You can see this by the pervasiveness of “political correctness”  a term that is Communist in origin.

You can see it in their denial and suppression of God and Intelligent Design.

You can see it in their promotion of promiscuity and deviance (“sexual liberation,”) pornography, satanism, violence and obscenity in the mass media.

You can see it in their brutish “feminism” which pretends to champion women but, in fact, despises femininity and deprives women of natural fulfillment as wives and mothers.

You can see it when male and female genders are deemed “stereotypes” except when they are reversed, i.e. women acting like men or vice-versa. When gay men pretend to be female or transsexuals switch sexes, then somehow they are no longer “stereotypes.”

You can see it in the bankers’ financing of gay marriage, which implies homosexuals and heterosexuals are identical.

Rothschild must be smiling…

Apparently heterosexuals do not have human rights. It’s fine to deny a helpless child his gender identity, but don’t interfere with a youth who is gay.

“Human rights” and “gay rights” clearly are ruses to deny human rights to the vast heterosexual majority.

But that’s typically satanic, communist and kabbalist. Light (“The Enlightenment”) is darkness. Lucifer, the Light-bringer, is God. “Human rights” are a mode of human re-engineering and enslavement.

Yes, this reality shift extends to language. The term homophobic is widely recognized. The term heterophobic is not. Heterophobia garners 250,000 references on Google Search. Homophobia over 10 million – 40 times as many to denote opposition to practices of 1/50th of the population.

newWorldORderMEME22We are being brainwashed by the mass media, inducted into a sinister satanic cult whose goal is to enslave mankind, spiritually, mentally and physically. This is the true nature of the New World Order.

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