Gun to Our Head? Sexual Liberation & Satanism

“…We aspire to corrupt in order to govern… We have taken from the people all the gods of heaven and earth, which had their homage. We have torn from them their religious faith, their faith in monarchy, their honesty and their family virtues…” (Giuseppe Mazzini, 1805-1872, Revolutionary, Founder of Italian Freemasonry and the Mafia) 


by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The gun went off with pop and a flash. There was a moment of silence before Bruce Lavalee-Davidson, 50, (pictured right,)

said, “I think I killed him.”

“Him” was Fred Wilson, 50, his head blown apart.

Bruce Lavalee-Davidson
was addressing James Pombriant, 65, who was mounting Fred Wilson from behind. They were engaged in a 12-hr gay sex orgy in the sex-dungeon basement of Wilson’s colonial home in Portland, Maine.

Brokeback Mountain this isn’t. It’s the real face of homosexual love and marriage, not the sugarcoated public face we are spoon-fed by liberal social engineers.

Lavallee-Davidson was playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun to heighten Wilson’s sexual excitement. Because many gays have shot their sexual circuitry due to overuse, they  must resort to extreme methods to get aroused. They had been using sex toys, smoking pot, consuming the party drug GBL, and huffing aerosol inhalants.

Wednesday, Lavalee-Davidson was convicted of manslaughter and faces a minimum of four and maximum of 30 years in jail.

LaVallee-Davidson is a outspoken advocate for same-sex rights.

Recently, he testified in favor of keeping Maine’s now-overturned gay marriage law at a public hearing. He claimed he was in a committed relationship.

The hearing took place four days after the discovery of Wilson’s body and a couple of weeks before he was indicted.

This is the vision of marriage that will replace traditional marriage if liberals and gay activists have their way. Children will play with sex toys in basement dungeons.


Satanism is denial and defiance of God, i.e. what is healthy and good.

Their watchword is “do as thou wilt” i.e. homosexual “rights,” sexual liberation, fetishes-r-us, etc.

pictured above and below – lady gaga – useful idiot and satanist used by the illuminati bankers to demoralize the youth

Modern Western “civilization” is based on this satanic principle, i.e. that man can defy the Creator’s design, the natural and spiritual (moral) laws governing the universe.


The so-called “Enlightenment” refers to Lucifer, the “light bringer.”

Western “civilization” is based on Jewish Cabalism or Freemasonry. Man can be God and define reality himself. He can determine that good is evil and evil is good, ugly is beautiful, lies are truth, etc.   This doctrine serves the Illuminati, who own most of the world and want to re-engineer humanity to serve them.

Government, media, education, church are all covertly controlled by the Illuminati. The world has been colonized by a satanic cult. Very successful people — Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Angelina Jolie, Nelson Mandela, Oprah — belong to this colonial class who serve the Illuminati bankers in London.

Satanists have done a good job of making “God” a dirty word.


God is Reality. Truth, Goodness, Love, Justice, Beauty and Harmony. They hate God because they want to be god. They want to redefine reality for their own benefit.

God is synonymous with health.  True religion is about obeying God. Being healthy, in mind and spirit. So you don’t end up in a basement dungeon with your brains splattered on the carpet.


Our society has a serious cancer which it refuses to acknowledge. To use another analogy, we are like a family where the father or mother molests the children at night but no one dares acknowledge it.


We have been subverted by satanists (impostors) who hold key positions in every field. Many of these people have been duped and don’t realize whom they serve.

A society concerned with its own survival would promote traditional marriage and family as   the best vehicle for raising children. A man and a woman must consecrate their love and sexuality to each other for this task.

Sexual liberation is designed to undermine marriage and family.

“Do as thou wilt.” Seek sexual titillation. Never mind that children have to be born and raised properly, and this requires the commitment of a man and a woman.

Homosexual marriage is similarly designed to make heterosexuals act like gays, and engage in promiscuous sex.

“Sex is the ultimate weapon in people-taming and people control,” Erica Carle writes. “When sex can be established as a constant in the mind.. As the dominant idea… the mind can be incapacitated. The emotions destroyed, personal identity, individuality, family life, maternal and paternal feelings, all eroded. All else can be forgotten or regarded as unimportant, when the mind is captured by the dominant idea of sex.”

Sex is the lowest common denominator, reducing people to animals. People become bodies to be exploited. This Satanic state of mind has invaded society.

According to the Church of Satan, “man is just another animal” whose intellect makes him “the most vicious of all.”

The Church of Satan brags that it led the sexual liberation movement in the 1960’s and later.  In 1969 Anton LaVey introduced “a new Satanic age.”  His San Francisco mansion had functioned as a bordello.

“Now the site of debauches …became the epicenter of an explosive new outlook…In a time when millions were suddenly seeking sexual enlightenment, the Church of Satan attracted many by its sheer audacity.”

Modern sexual mores were shaped and promoted by Illuminati satanists, and this is typical of what is happening in society in general. Secular was supposed to be “neutral” but in fact it is a mask for satanism. We are all being inducted into a satanic cult, fed a constant diet of sex, violence, fear, discord and dysfunction.


Since we are being unconsciously inducted into their cult, we should look to the Church of Satan for a glimpse of the future of sex. Could we end up in a sex dungeon orgy with a gun to our head?

Satanic Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba, is outspoken about his carnal quest.

“My personal sexual practices tend to be very heavily masochistic, including bondage, blood loss, urine, sodomy, excrement, fetishizing tools, weapons such as guns and knives, and especially filthy panties-preferably white or lavender lace and any daisy pattern,” explains Rev. Leyba.

Sex robots (left) have been in the news lately. Guess what? The Church of Satan has been raving about the possibilities for a long time:

“The cathartic possibilities are limitless,” enthuses Satanist Jim Mitchell. “Many taboo and possibly illegal areas of sexuality [can] be explored with one of these androids without fear of being exposed. Suppose a man has a mate who is otherwise perfect for him but absolutely won’t engage in SM or golden showers or anal sex. Maybe he wants to experience the porn-stud splendor of delivering a facial “money shot” or has dark fantasies of a necrophilic nature. The Real Doll offers a legal and harmless means of indulging in personal fetishes that might be unattainable with breathing partners.”


We live in a world colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, which places its puppets in leadership positions in education, culture, business and government. We are subject to a steady barrage of mind control designed to deceive, debilitate and enslave us.


Real liberation lies in understanding that our society is morally bankrupt and we can ignore its lies and monkey gestures. We can lead our lives independently if we place our trust in God, who speaks to us through our spirit and conscience.

Despite the attempts of the Illuminati to deny the moral order, and reduce man to the condition of rooting animals, we will uphold the spiritual ideals that define us as human.

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