Although largely ignored or glossed over by the corporate media, evidence of Western support for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) continues to mount.
Numerous reports have emerged that indicate that the ISIL was covertly created by Western intelligence to destabilise the region and assist in the overthrow of Syria’s President Assad.
According to Scott Rickard, a former linguist for U.S. intelligence, the ISIL was trained by “Americans, British, French, Jordanian, Turkish” intelligence for several years prior to the current outbreak of fighting in Iraq.
Speaking to Iran’s Press TV recently, Rickard said the ISIL’s movements were being tracked and coordinated with the help of Western drones so as to help them evade Syrian and Kurdish security forces.
According to World Net Daily, U.S. instructors also helped train the militants at a secret base in Jordan in 2012.
Militants were also trained at a base in Turkey.
In addition to being secretly trained by Western military instructors, the ISIL has also been generously funded by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. So generously in fact that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have reportedly been paying the militants monthly salaries.
Nor was the recent ISIL incursion into Iraq entirely unexpected. The Sunni militants were reportedly planning to seize the Iraqi city of Mosul nearly a year ago.
Having encountered a series of setbacks in their efforts to topple Syrian President Assad, the Sunni militants seem to have decided to focus their efforts on Iraq instead.
So Washington’s apparent reluctance to launch air strikes on advancing militants may not be a means of putting pressure on Prime Minister Nouri Maliki to step aside, so as to allow the formation of a ‘more inclusive’ government. It may just be to buy the ISIL more time so that it can finish what it started and establish a militant Sunni Caliphate in what is now Syria and Iraq.
As Scott Rickard told Iran’s Press TV, the chief beneficiaries from the ISIL campaign would be “American, British and Israeli” control of the region.
This was further underlined earlier Monday when Kurdish security forces announced that they had found “Israel-packed foodstuff and equipment” in ISIL terrorist hideouts in Mosul and Kirkuk.
Few in the Western corporate media are saying as much but the evidence is mounting that ‘terrorism’ has become an instrument of Western foreign policy.
Once again the same unholy trinity of Anglo-American-Zionist interests appear to be covertly orchestrating terror in the Middle East. While blaming ‘Muslim radicals’ for the bloodshed even while they prepare to capitalise on the mayhem.


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