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Terror is theatre…Theatre’s a con trick. Do you know what that means? Con trick? You’ve been deceived. – – John Le Carré, The Little Drummer Girl, 1983


In the “War on Terror” game the use of false-flag terrorism is a kind of theatre which is played out for the public to see and be affected by. Its primary purpose is to sway public opinion to support aggression against a targeted foe who is blamed for the atrocity. Because false-flag terror is theatre there is no solid evidence to prove that the blamed foe really committed the atrocity, because he didn’t do it. There can only be fabricated evidence because there is no real evidence to be presented.  Most importantly, there is no real investigation and any attempt to investigate the crime is quickly shut down before it is able to expose the fraud.

In this way the “War on Terror” game can be played for decades as the target is movable. In the twelve years since 9-11, for example, we have seen the target moved from Afghanistan to Iraq to Pakistan to Yemen to Libya and now, to Syria and Iran, and these are just some of the targets.

An essential part of the game is pushing the lie to blame the targeted foe for the un-investigated atrocity. Because this is an essential part of the game, the people and politicians who push the lie are complicit in the crime because they are working with the terrorists who actually carried out the atrocity.


Both George Bush and Barack Obama are complicit in the 9-11 cover-up, waging wars of aggression, and other serious crimes for which they must be held accountable.

In this way, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Michael Chertoff (to name but a few) are complicit in the crimes of 9-11 because they promoted the false-flag deception while preventing and obstructing a proper criminal investigation. Based on the lies about 9-11, Bush initiated two wars of aggression. These are among the most serious crimes a president can commit against his nation. There is ample evidence to bring George W. Bush to trial for treason and it is something that needs to happen.


Barack Obama, however, is also complicit because he too has failed to commission a proper investigation of 9-11. Rather than considering the evidence that the World Trade Center was demolished with sophisticated explosives, the Obama administration increased the war effort in Afghanistan and the use of drones to commit targeted killings in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.

In May 2009 in Los Angeles, when Vice President Joe Biden was presented with a scientific paper proving that a form of super-thermite had been used to demolish the Twin Towers, he immediately turned on his heel and left the event – with the paper in his hand.

joebiden911memeJoe Biden was having a great time until WeAreChangeLA handed him the peer-reviewed paper by Dr. Steven E. Jones and others that documents the presence of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center. Biden took the paper, turned on his heel, and left the event, disappearing behind his security team.

The Obama administration cannot say they do not have the evidence that explosives were used to destroy the Twin Towers; they know that super-thermite and other explosives were used to kill nearly three thousand Americans on 9-11. That’s the evil game they are playing; they cover-up the mass murder of 9-11 as they prepare to wage their next war of aggression.

To move ahead in the “War on Terror” game, the Obama administration now wants to attack Syria using the justification of “fighting ISIS”. Remember when the Obama administration claimed they had secret evidence stating Assad gassed his own people using chemical weapons without seeing any evidence which turned out to be another blatant falseflag.. If Obama were to attack Syria (used as a pretext for “fighting ISIS”) – it would be the third major war since 9-11 started in this deceitful way.


The good thing is that the American people and many world powers are strongly opposed to Obama’s proposed use of force against Syria. The only people who actually support Obama’s plan to aggress Syria are the Israelis and their Zionist agents in Congress. That is to be expected, of course, because the fraudulent “War on Terror” is an Israeli game developed and promoted by the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his military intelligence apparatus.

The bad thing, however, is that the terrorism game is not over yet. The “War on Terror” game will not be over until the people behind it are exposed, removed from office, and prosecuted for the crimes they have committed. This is why a complete and proper criminal investigation of 9-11 has to be done.

It is certainly not unreasonable to expect that such a criminal atrocity be fully investigated and prosecuted. It did not happen during the Bush administration because the person at the Department of Justice who was originally responsible for the 9-11 investigation and prosecution, the Israeli Michael Chertoff, was part of the conspiracy. He should be one of the first people arrested and charged for his role in the destruction of crucial evidence from the crimes of 9-11.

Michael Chertoff, an Israeli citizen and son of a Mossad officer, oversaw the non-investigation of 9-11 by the FBI in which the crucial evidence was confiscated and destroyed. He should be held accountable for these crimes.

Twelve years later, we are still demanding – and still need – a complete criminal investigation into the events of 9-11. This is essential because until that happens we will not be able to free ourselves or our nation from the evil deception that has brought us two wars and taken the world to the brink of disaster.

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