Copenhagen – another Zionist Mossad falseflag/psyop

Copenhagen/Charlie Hebdo false flag attacks designed to further Zionist quest for `greater Israel’ copenHAGENmossadfalseflagMEME



CIA-Mossad hands seem to be all over Copenhagen shootings, especially in light of the fact that Charlie Hebdo incident was a false flag attack, planned by Mossad-CIA and other European Intelligence forces.


Consider this:


1. Two masked/hooded attackers enter Charlie Hebdo office in Paris and kill several members of the staff. The attackers also kill a Policeman.

2. Then the attackers escape in a car; they leave their IDs behind which allows the Police to place them as Muslim immigrants of France with Al Qaeda-Yemen connections who killed Charlie Hebdo staff as the magazine had published obscene cartoons about Prophet Mohammad.

3. One or both attackers (still not clear) attack a Policewoman.

4. Then one of them enters a Jewish Kosher store and takes hostages.

5. The attacker inside the Kosher shop kills Jews before Police bullets kill him. The other attacker is killed on a separate location. A woman, supposed to have accompanied one of the attackers, escapes–and turns up in Turkey or Syria (still not clear).

6. World leaders immediately declare Je Suis Charlie; that the attack on Charlie Hebdo was an attack on freedom of expression by Islamic terrorists owing allegiance to Al Qaeda.

7. Despite several loopholes, no one in maistream media even questions the official narrative; Netanyahu, the Israeli President immediately takes media center-stage, expressing solidarity with `freedom of expression’ and `European values’ and then  calling for French Jews to migrate to Israel.

Now consider the sequence of Danish events: 

 Note the similarities between Charlie Hebdo and the Copenhagen attack:

  • The first attack is on a premises packed with European intellectuals–in Denmark Lars Vilk, the Danish cartoonist under fire for maligning Prophet Mohammad, is present on the scene, though unlike Charlie Hebdo’s editor, he manages to escape death.
  • Second attack is on a Jewish site; kosher store in Paris; synagogue in Copenhagen; Jews are killed in both places.
  •  Attackers in both Paris and Copenhagen escape in vehicles which are `discovered’ by the Police and lead to quick identification of the perpetrator; in the Danish case too he turns out to be a `Muslim Arab’, living in an immigrant area of Copenhagen.
  • The Police manage to kill the perpetrators.
  • Like just after Paris attacks, Netanyahu occupies center-stage in Denmark as well, calling on Jews of Denmark, and all of  Europe, to migrate to Israel.
 And you will say, Copenhagen attack was not false flag? That the Charlie Hebdo `model’ was not followed to the T?


That both events were not stage-managed, like theater, to turn Netanyahu, the Zionist-Israeli President, into a hero and pressurize Jews to migrate to Israel from Europe?

You see, both Charlie Hebdo and Copenhagen were designed to create sympathy for Jews, and Israel, their `self-appointed’ representative’, after massive sympathy, especially in Europe, for Palestinians, following Israel’s failed Gaza offensive in which the Zionist State ended up killing more than 500 children. 

Today, even the Jewish voice has been strangled. Jews of France and Denmark have expressed dismay and disagree with Netanyahu over calls to migrate to Israel. They don’t want to follow Netanyahu; they don’t want to give Netanyahu and the State of Israel the power to act as their representatives. 

But along with the European political leadership, the mass media, sold out in Zionist hands, wants to upturn the pro-Palestine political verdict of the European people through terror and fear of the invented `Islamic other’.

We saw in India how a right-wing, fascist Governer Jagmohan created conditions in which Kashmiri Pandits were forced to migrate from their homes in the valley. Discarded by the Indian State, which did not keep its promise of rehabilitating them, after 20 years they are the `nowhere’ people.

All issues of terorism–ISIS, Al Qaeda, Yemen, even beyond the Middle-East, conflicts in Nigeria over Boko Haram–are all linked to two issues:


  • Israeli-Zionist quest for a Greater Israel and the complete elimination of the Palestinian people
  • US quest for a uni-polar world with full control over its energy and other resources, where sectarian conflicts are kept alive to the minimum manageable level, prone to periodic escalation, and where rivals like Russia and China are constantly degraded and outflanked due to Washington’s grip on the narrative of the fake `war against terror’

Muslims are the casualty as a people in these two quests…the next victims are the working classes and peasants…


And terror attacks will go on because instead of exposing Imperialism and Zionism, and ISIS as their lumpen reserve army, left-liberal intellectuals and politicians are caught in the vortex of blaming Wahabism (an invented, illusory sect sustained to keep Saudi Arabia alive as a US puppet), asking Muslims to `look within themselves’ and all such non-political nonsense.

Amaresh Misra, Editor-in-Chief, Medhaj News 

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