Once again…US has no interest in defeating ISIL

The United States has no interest in defeating Takfiri ISIL militants because it is using them as an excuse for its continued presence in the Middle East, an analyst tells Press TV.Dripping Blood Divider from AnimateIt.net


Redwan Rizk, a political analyst, said in an interview with Press TV from Beirut that, “The Americans have no interest and no intention to end the lifetime of those terrorist groups in Syria and in Iraq and in Lebanon.”

“I believe that, due to the victories gained by the Syrian army and now the Iraqi army, also gaining back lots of territories, liberating towns and cities of Iraq, that could end the war very soon and very shortly and this is not in the interest of the United States,” he said.

Rizk also noted that the US “has played a great role” in forming the ISIL terrorist group and has used it as “an excuse” to return back to the region and to have a permanent presence there.


If the war with the ISIL ends, “then the Americans will have no excuse or they cannot justify their strong military presence in the region,” he said.

Rizk said that the CIA, the Mossad and the Saudi intelligence service are all supplying the ISIL and “this is going to prolong the war.”

The commentator argued that, “At the end, they are going to be defeated and the lands of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon are going to be cleansed.”

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