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In the early hours of April 19th, 132 Jewish terrorists from the Irgun gang, led by future Israeli PrimeMinister Menachem Begin, and the Stem gang, led by future Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, brutally massacre 200 men, women and children as they are sleeping peacefully in the Arab village of Deir Yassin.


In an effort to prevent outside observers discovering the brutality of their war crimes, they try to burn some of the bodies, but when that proves unsatisfactory, they stuff some in a well to hide them from the Red Cross representatives who arrive on the scene the next day and would subsequently tell the world.

Indeed reports from survivors can be found in the, “Report of the Criminal Investigation Division,” a Palestine Government Document labelled, No. 179/110/17/GS dated April 13th, 15th, and 16th, 1948, in which British interrogating officer, Assistant Inspector General Richard Catling states, “The recording of statements is hampered also by the hysterical state of the women who often break down many times, whilst the statement is being recorded.

There is however, no doubt that many sexual atrocities were committed by the attacking Jews. Many young school girls were raped and later slaughtered. Old women were also molested. One story is current concerning a case in which a young girl was literally torn in two. Many infants were butchered and killed. I also saw one old woman who gave her age as 104, who had been severely beaten about the head with rifle butts.

Women had bracelets torn from their arms and rings from their fingers, and parts of some women’s ears were severed in order to remove earrings.” As a result of this the Jews go on to detest the Red Cross, which is why, in the future, they always block them entering any territory in which they are involved in conflict, for as long as possible, to give them time to clean up evidence of their criminal acts.


Following the United Nations transfer of Palestine to an independent Jewish state and an independent Arab state on May 15th, the Israelis launch another military assault on the Arabs (today known as Palestinians) with blaring loudspeakers on their trucks informing the Arabs that if they do not flee immediately, they will be slaughtered. 800,000 Arabs with the recent memory of the Deir Yassin massacre at the forefront of their minds, flee in panic. They ask for help from neighbouring Arab states, but those states do not get involved as they are no match for the Israelis whose up to date military hardware had been supplied by the Jewish Stalinist regime in Russia.

Following this series of Jewish genocidal war crimes, the Jews now control 78% of the former Palestine as
oppose to the 57% that had already been given to them illegally by the Jewish controlled United Nations.
The Arabs, many of them Christians, would never be paid compensation for their homes, property and
businesses stolen from them during this genocide, and as a result these people end up in slum refugee cities of tents. Furthermore at least half of the Arabs, in a desperate hurry to flee with their lives, leave their birth
certificates behind.

The State of Israel then pass a law that only those Arabs who are able to prove their citizenship are allowed to return to their land, now known as Israel, which meant these 400,000 Arabs could not return and lost all the property they had left there.

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