more forensic proof sandyhook was a government falseflag hoax

FORENSIC PROOF 12-gauge Breaching Rounds (Police ammo) used to fake Sandy Hook Window Entry


FORENSIC PROOF 12-gauge Breaching Rounds (Police ammo) used to fake Sandy Hook Window Entry (Jan. 23, 2015).
Sent by Barry Soetoro

Forensic Proof: Sandy Hook = Inside Job

Published on Jan 23, 2015

To frame the (fake boogeyman) Adam Lanza, USGOV shot a ‘BREACHING ROUND’ to shatter the front window of Sandy Hook Elementary school (NEWTOWN CT). VIDEO shows metal powder embedded in the Sandy Hook School foyer’s magazine rack, where the 12-gauge shotgun BREACHING ROUND was fired thru the window.

USGOV (and Police) use 12-gauge breaching rounds to blast thru doors/windows. Regular folks don’t run around training with door-breaching rounds. If the official story were real, Adam Lanza would’ve been using REGULAR shotgun ammo (buckshot or whatever), NOT breaching rounds, since his goal was to “kill people.”

ALSO: Police found Adam Lanza’s shotgun in the CAR TRUNK, hours later, after dark. Does USGOV expect us to believe Adam Lanza “shot his way thru the front window,” then walked back to his car to safely put his shotgun BACK IN THE CAR, before returning to the school and murdering people?

Sandy Hook = GUN GRAB HOAX

The government is lying. The government has robbed you as far as they can rob you — while you still possess firearms. THAT is why they’re trying to TRICK you into disarming.

ANALYSIS of (new) Sandy Hook documentary HERE:

This is a great interview. Barry does an excellent job of analyzing the game and the players and explains it all very, very well. Listen to this interview and send it to your friends. Top notch analysis.

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2 different ID photos, taken 4 years apart, but they’re EXACTLY the same image. That is impossible. The Government used Photoshop to flip the face (nose pointing slightly other direction) and change the background/hair.


Sandy Hook = U.N. GUN GRAB HOAX (false-flag). Brought to you by CIA + Media.

Photos of “RYAN LANZA” (crisis actor OR real person?) were stretched and photoshopped to create Boogeyman “ADAM.”

Adam Lanza is a fictional character, created by the United States Government to trick American citizens into surrendering their guns and abandoning their God-given right to self-defense.

Remember MSM reported “Nancy Lanza” was a conservative gun-nut PREPPER who enjoyed drinking at bars and letting her “autistic son” play with loaded guns? That’s another pack of lies b/c the police video tours of the “Lanza home” prove:

#1 nobody lived there, and
#2 nobody in that home was “PREPPED” for anything — not even a ‘wine and cheese party.’ There were no supplies in that home. “Nancy Lanza” the prepper wasn’t prepped for a 2-day snowstorm.

SANDY HOAX was a PSYOP against the American people.
These are STAGED EVENTS, pre-scripted by the Federal Government to fool American citizens.
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