Movie Describes Our Digitally Enhanced Wasteland

Movie Describes Our Digitally Enhanced Wasteland

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(below. Adam Sandler in a serious role, plays Don Truby)


Our society is a satanic cult based on Cabalist Judaism and Freemasonry 

(which dominate government, business and culture.) Characteristic
of a satanic cult, art and entertainment are degrading, discordant and disturbing, and diversions from reality, i.e. the gradual establishment of Luciferian world tyranny.
A recent movie, Men, Women and Children (2014) is an exception. It actually describes the spiritual wasteland being experienced by millions. 

Hollywood Jews can never show the real reason for our malaise nor the remedy.

by Henry Makow Ph.D

Smart phones and Internet make its very easy to be unfaithful and to indulge our lowest impulses. That’s the message of Jason Reitman’s bleak movie “Men, Women and Children” which opened last fall and bombed both commercially and critically. It got a “rotten” score of 31% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and made only $1.6 million at the box office, a tenth of its production cost.  (left, Jason Reitman)


Son of the late Director Ivan Reitman, Jason made a major splash with the critical and commercial hits “Thank You for Not Smoking,” “Juno” and “Up in the Air.” But his more recent efforts, the well-reviewed “Young Adult,” and “Labor Day,” failed to connect.

Men,Women and Children , based on the novel by Chad Kultgen, portrays contemporary life in an average white American suburb.  Critics complained that “Reitman’s overbearing approach to its themes blunts the movie’s impact.”  Another said the film “played like a spoof” with others agreeing the film was “mawkish and clichéd”.


This is a serious movie that deserved a better reception.  But people have little capacity for truth. If they don’t like what they see in the mirror, they look away. I found the movie excruciating to watch because everyone is so lost and miserable. For example:

*  Allison Doss,17, left, hooks up with a crush who promptly dumps her. She has an ectopic pregnancy and almost dies. Her dad is shocked and disappointed to learn of her promiscuity. After she gets out of hospital she texts her beau, who makes a date and then stands her up. Remember when women “saved their virginity” for their husbands?

*  Hannah Clint is a teenage tart trying to parlay her trim body and pretty face into a spot on an Hollywood reality show. But her mother Donna spoiled her chances when she started a website for her daughter and sold salacious pictures to dirty old men.

* Tim Mooney is a high school football star who loses interest in life when his mother leaves his father and runs off with another man.
Tim escapes into an alternate reality: an online role playing game. His only connection to the world is schoolmate Brandy Beltmeyer whose mother monitors her Internet and calls like the NSA.  Tim has no reason to live and attempts suicide when Brandy’s mother, Patricia, pretends to be her daughter and tells him to get lost.

* The excitement has gone out of Don and Helen Truby’s marriage. Helen starts dating and having sex with married men she meets on Ashley  When Helen invents lames excuses to go on dates, Don migrates from online porn to seeing an expensive escort.

Lives of quiet desperation. Hollywood Jews like Jason Reitman have contributed more than anyone to creating this spiritual wasteland by attacking and destroying Christian mores. (See related articles below)  I give Reitman credit for portraying the result realistically.  But, in every case, sex is the great panacea and romance the key to happiness on earth when in fact this codependent mentality is often why we get into trouble.

Hollywood Jews can never show the real reason for our malaise nor the real remedy because they can’t turn their backs on “progress.”  (For Luciferians, social degradation is progress.)

The movie ends with some tiny moral victories. Donna Clint realizes she shouldn’t have pimped her daughter. Don “forgives” Helen because he cheated too. Patricia Beltmeyer witnesses her daughter’s love for Tim and reconsiders her overbearing ways. These Luciferian lessons legitimize them.

Traditional sexual values associated with courtship, marriage and monogamy would set society on the right course again.  But with modern technology, it’s so easy to be bad.

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