CIA Used Torture to Coerce 9-11 “Confessions”

CIA Used Torture to Coerce 9-11 “Confessions”


Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – Only after the CIA kidnapped his sons, did he finally  claim “to have directed every major terror attack against the United States over the past fifteen years.” …

khalid-sheikh-mohammedAfter the Mossad and CIA pulled off 9-11, they had to use torture to make some  Arabs confess  to the crime.  While psychologists cashed in, the  confessions have no value and serve to discredit the official 9-11 narrative.

by DC Dave Martin
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In his analysis of the Senate report, Thierry Meyssan has shown that the purpose of the CIA’s vile torture program was to break down the captives in the manner in which noted psychologist Martin Seligman broke down his captive dogs, by random torture to condition them to do or say anything we wanted …

Following the publication of excerpts from this (Senate) report, it appears that all the evidence cited in the report of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the September 11 attacks connecting these to al-Qaeda is false. There no longer exists to date a shred of evidence for attributing the attacks to Al Qaeda: There is no evidence that the 19 people accused of being airline pirates could have been found that day in one of the four planes, and none of the former members of Al Qaeda’s testimonials confessing to the attacks is genuine.

khalid-sheikh-mohammed(CIA paid Jessen and Mitchell over $80 million to oversee torture program.)

The CIA torture regime, you see, was instituted under the supervision of two handsomely paid consulting psychologists, Bruce Jessen (left) and Dr. James Mitchell (right), whose work was guided by the model of “learned helplessness” developed by the aforementioned Dr. Seligman. “They were not intended to obtain a confession or information, but to inculcate a narrative or behavior in the subjects.”

Even so, the copious torture, including 183 waterboarding sessions, administered to the alleged “mastermind” of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, was apparently insufficient to get him to say what we wanted him to say. Only after the CIA kidnapped his sons and threatened to do who-knows-what to them did he finally ridiculously claim “to have directed just about every major terrorism attack against the United States over the past fifteen years.” …

Replace “dogs” with “detainees” and “electric shocks” with waterboarding, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, prolonged stress positions, rectal rehydration, and whatever depraved form of torture Mitchell, Jessen, and their CIA disciples were able to dream up, and what you have is Seligman’s “learned helplessness” for humans.

khalid-sheikh-mohammedAnd the good Doctor Seligman (left) is shocked that people would do such things. His purpose … he says was to better prepare our military for encountering the torture that the enemy might visit upon them. This is a perfect echo of the rationale originally offered by the formulators of the CIA MK-ULTRA mind control program. They were only reacting, they would have us believe, to the brainwashing to which our POWs were subjected during the Korean War.

This writer is not the least bit shocked that psychologists, these modern day high priests of our secular humanist society, should be found at the very heart of this latest assault upon human decency.

See my most recent articles on the subject, “Abuse of Psychiatry in the Kennedy Assassination” and “More Abuse of Psychiatry in the JFK Cover-up.” In the first of those articles we note that Dr. Howard Rome of the Mayo Clinic even prepared a “psychological autopsy” of Lee Harvey Oswald to explain his inner motivation for killing the president, in the absence of any apparent outward motive for doing so.

In the Vince Foster case Kenneth Starr trotted out “suicidologist” Dr. Alan Berman to pronounce, in the absence of good forensic evidence, “with a 100% degree of medical certainty,” that the “perfectionist” Foster killed himself. Yale psychology professor Dr. Sidney Blatt did his part by pronouncing Foster just the sort of perfectionist personality type that is highly prone to self-murder. …

Surveying this sorry record, …we are inclined to agree with H.L. Mencken about the entire profession:

Barring sociology (which is yet, of course, scarcely a science at all, but rather a monkeyshine which happens to pay, like play-acting or theology), psychology is the youngest of the sciences, and hence chiefly guesswork, empiricism, hocus-pocus, poppycock.


In the face of these revelations of organized depravity by the CIA, a Washington Post-ABC News poll found that the American public overwhelmingly supported it.

“By a margin of almost 2 to 1 — 59 percent to 31 percent — those interviewed said that they support the CIA’s brutal methods, with the vast majority of supporters saying that they produced valuable intelligence.

“In general, 58 percent say the torture of suspected terrorists can be justified ‘often’ or ‘sometimes.'”

khalid-sheikh-mohammedHow can we explain this reaction? Once again we must turn to Mencken, as he reflects upon the final political defeat of Illinois reform governor, John P. Altgeld:

What lesson is in his career for the rest of us? The lesson, it seems to me, that any man who devotes himself to justice and common decency, under democracy, is a very foolish fellow–that the generality of men have no genuine respect for these things, and are always suspicious of the man who upholds them.”  (“Heretics”)

Oh, but the problem, you say, is that they just don’t know, in spite of all that has been reported. And you would have a point, but my guess is that if they knew everything that Dr. Seligman did to dogs and the CIA did to captive Muslim suspects, their greatest indignation would be directed towards the illustrious psychologist.


NY Times: Prosecute US Torturers and their Bosses 

Woman in charge of CIA Torture married to a Jewish NeoCon – David Silverstein
Interview with Silverstein

First Comment from Ken Adachi:

I was doing OK with the article until I got to the part that read:  “AMERICANS HEAVILY FAVOR TORTURE”

and then I got a little upset. The referenced Washington Post article is written by Adam Goldman. The poll is paid for by the Washington Post (to whom David Rockefeller expressed his deepest gratitude to Katherine Graham for deceiving the American public so he and his globalist pals can accomplish their “work” and achieve their “goals”) and Disney’s ABC news, the biggest non-stop Media Lie Factory in America bringing us computer generated graphics of  a “shadow” plane slicing into the South World Trade Center on 9/11 like a hot knife into ice cream (with its nose emerging out of the other side, by the way) and teary eyed interviews with the “parents” of Sandy Hokum kids, to say nothing of the same crisis actress showing up on ABC as the “sister” of faux beheading victim, James Foley.

I can’t imagine any finer news media organizations to trust in carrying out a valid and accurate poll,  representing  the opinion of “the American people.”

It took me quite a while of hunting around until I finally found a pdf of the complete poll results.

If you click on the “detailed view” button in the poll article, you get an image than cannot be saved or copied, and uses a light grey font over a white background, making it so, so easy to read. The article said only adults were polled,  but when I read the “Methodological Details” at the end of the poll, it said the following:

“Interviewers called landlines and asked to interview the youngest male or youngest female who is at home at the time, with the male requested 75 percent of the time.”

Now here we have what we are told is a randomized national poll in which the interviewer is asking to speak to  the YOUNGEST person in the house at the time of the call, which could be a teenager or preteen, in order to gain his (mainly) opinion on 28 questions involving the use of torture by the CIA and whether it’s justified or not. Now that certainly strikes me as the ideal person to ask such questions to; versus that stodgy parent or bumbling grandparent, or older person in the home whose opinion could not possibly be representative of the American people. Yea, let’s direct the poll to only the YOUNGEST person in the house. They certainly have the knowledge base and experience to represent a valid opinion sampling of the entire nation. And to make the comprehension easier for participants, the poll was conducted in English and Spanish.

There were only two comments posted at the bottom of the Washington Post article, but the first guy’s concluding remarks said it all:

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