Whether it be the CIA,MI6,ISI or Mossad. They all serve the Rothschild Central Banking Cartel

Whether it be the CIA,MI6,ISI or Mossad. They all serve the Rothschild Central Banking Cartel


Israeli Spies are everywhere inside America and are sabotaging the American way of life. This must become mainstream knowledge. It is time to stop demonizing Russia and other nations, and start  to call out Rothschild’s demonic Israel for the heinous and despicable crimes it is responsible for, including the assassination of JFK, the unnecessary wars and illegal occupations America has fallen victim to, and not to mention the various false-flag manufactured terror attacks which have been used to physiologically neuter the American populace into accepting a one-world-global-police-state under totalitarian law.


They are everywhere, and everyone...

They are everywhere, and everyone…

I have been reading for years now that the Rothschild enforcement arm (The Mossad) and various other Rothschild Zionist Jew front-companies and organizations have been operating in America, some open, some in the shadows, but none the less have manipulated our country to fit their sick,perverse and disastrous agenda. Now with recent leaks reported by Snowden confirming how everything collected from the NSA goes straight to Israel, all of my fears and worries have now come true.

CIA ranks Israel third most aggressive spying force active against US: Document

NSA sends everything Israel

NSA sends everything Israel

The US Central Intelligence Agency has ranked Israel as the third most aggressive “intelligence service” working against the United Sates, a leaked document shows.

The National Security Agency document, obtained by NSA surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden, was revealed by American journalist Glenn Greenwald in line with the publication of his book, No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA and the U.S. Surveillance State, Newsweek reported on Friday.

In one paragraph of the book, Greenwald explains the complex spying relationship between Tel Aviv and Washington.

“The Israelis are extraordinarily good [Signals Intelligence] partners for us,” the NSA observed, referring to joint electronic spying programs against foreign targets, “but on the other [hand], they target us to learn our positions on Middle East problems.” It added that a CIA-led National Intelligence Estimate on cyberthreats in 2013 “ranked Israel the third most aggressive intelligence service against the US,” behind only China and Russia.


The report was filed by investigative journalist Jeff Stein, who wrote two explosive articles earlier this month about Israel’s espionage activities in the US.

A former senior US intelligence agent closely familiar with Israel’s spying operations told Stein that Israeli agents became far more cautious, subtle and sophisticated after the arrest of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in 1985.

“Israel does spy on the US, but in a wide variety of ways that can’t just be reduced to handling a clandestine agent like Jonathan Pollard,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “There are many players [at work], military and civilian, [in the] defense industrial base and [among] industrial competitors, technologies and commercial systems.” They are not necessarily direct employees of Israeli intelligence agencies, he said, “but all work for the mothership.”

He added that Israel uses indirect techniques for spying and values its human “assets” in the US as highly as paid agents.


“They” can buy off everyone and everything, because of their fraudulent monopoly over our credit creation

“There’s the ‘Hey-we’re-just-friends-fighting-the-same-enemy’ elicitation games at the bars in Georgetown, the targeting of Americans in different international venues, going after Arab-American dual-citizens, the false flag intelligence operations [with Israeli operatives] posing as US intelligence, and on and on,” he explained.

In one of his previous articles, Stein cited US intelligence officials and wrote that Israel’s espionage activities in the US have “crossed red lines.”

He even revealed that “Zionists” stole “key components for Israel’s nuclear bombs” from the United States and “were dispatching spies to America before there even was an Israel, to gather money and materials.”



Israel has stolen and acquired illegally nuclear weapon material from America on multiple occasions 

Israel has acquired illegally through steath and manipulation, a vast amount of nuclear weapon technology from the United States

Israel has acquired illegally through steath and manipulation, a vast amount of nuclear weapon technology from the United States

Rothschild Israeli ties to JFK-assassination 


Rothschild Zionist Criminal Banking Cartel want Iran’s Banks


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