Israel is responsible for America’s ecstasy overload and much more

Israel is responsible for America’s ecstasy overload and much more

 some Jewish crimes you probably never heard about !


on April 7, 2000 Jacob “Cookie” Orgad, a self-confessed former Mossad agent, is arrested for running one of the biggest ecstasy smuggling operations in America on record.


Jacob “cookie” Orgad

This operation delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal drugs, manufactured in the Netherlands, to cities across the United States. One of the unique features of this operation was that orthodox Hasidic Jews acted as drug couriers, hoping their traditional black hats, black coats and locks of hair dangling around their ears, would make them appear unlikely suspects.

Indeed, Commissioner of the United States Customs Service, Raymond W. Kelly, states, “The drug comes to us from various smuggling bases, mainly Europe, the Dominican Republic, and Canada…Israeli organized crime groups dominate the trade…” Russian Jewish oligarch, Boris Berezovsky, flees to London to avoid arrest in Russia and transfers his business interests to his protege, another Russian Jew, Roman Abramovich, who goes on to purchase Chelsea Football Club.

Jewish Pedophile Ring exposed in Italy…The reporters get fired for exposing it….guess why they got fired…


On October 1st, “The Rome Observer,” runs a story of how the Italian police have broken up a paedophile ring
which had been kidnapping non-Jewish children aged between two and five from orphanages, and then raping
and murdering them.

The paedophile ring had filmed these rapes and murders for the benefit of the global, “snuff film,” industry and had already sold copies to over 1,700 customers who had paid as much as $20,000 a time to see these two to five year old children being brutally raped and killed. This is not the problem, however.

The problem is that this paedophile ring consisted of eleven Jewish gangsters, and the Italian broadcast media had been so bold as to inform their more than eleven million viewers of such, and even go so far as to broadcast footage of
these Jewish gangsters’ arrests!

Naturally, instead of maintaining a low profile or apologising for the crimes…

talmudRACISTmemeof their brethren, the Jewish community in Italy went mad claiming, “blood libel,” and demanded that the Jewish elite who sat on the board of the TV network responsible, no surprise there, fire the news executiveswho allowed this story to broadcast. This was of course done, and incidentally, none of America’s news networks carried any report of this Jewish paedophilenetwork story

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MUST WATCH!  (below ) “Synagogue of Satan” (Full) by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock 1936-2006

this information was taken from andrew hitchcock’s book ‘the SYNAGOGUE of satan – the secret history of jewish world domination”. continue reading where we left off at page 256 at the following pdf link – read for free this wonderful book here or download it for free here  !

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