Former US vice president Dick Cheney has defended the use of torture by the Central Intelligence Agency ahead of the release of a new Senate report on the agency’s controversial program.


In a phone interview with the New York Times on Monday, he said the program was “the right thing to do, and if I had to do it over again, I would do it.”

“When we had that program in place, we kept the country safe from any more mass casualty attacks, which was our objective,” Cheney said.

He made the remarks after the White House announced that a summary of the report would be released on Tuesday.

Under the administration of former president George W. Bush, the CIA used harsh “interrogation techniques” against the suspected terrorists following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The report is set to criticize the program and accuse the CIA of misleading American lawmakers about the value of the practices in obtaining information.

Cheney also noted that the reported conclusion by the Senate Intelligence Committee that the agency misled the White House “is just a crock.”

“They deserve a lot of praise,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, they ought to be decorated, not criticized.”

He also said the program was authorized and the CIA did not want to proceed without authorization, and it was also reviewed legally by the Justice Department before they undertook the program.

Cheney called the techniques “absolutely, totally justified.”

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In regard to Cheney’s most recent favorable opinion towards the use of torture, Smoloko wants to bring to light past revelations brought up by former Illuminati sex-slave Cathy O’Brien, who claims to have been sexually assaulted,raped,tortured and almost beaten to death by Cheney numerous times.  I want to emphasize the fact that it is recent statements like the ones made above by Cheney that more or less confirm my belief in Cathy O’Brien’s testimony. Anybody who condones torture is capable enough of committing the horrific crimes stated below by Cathy O’Brien.

A Most Dangerous Game
Cathy O’Brien


  Dick Cheney, then White House Chief of Staff to President Ford, later Secretary of Defense to President George Bush, documented member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and Presidential hopeful for 1996, was originally Wyoming’s only Congressman. Dick Cheney was the reason my family had traveled to Wyoming where I endured yet another form of brutality–his version of “A Most Dangerous Game,” or human hunting.

  It is my understanding now that A Most Dangerous Game was devised to condition military personnel in survival and combat maneuvers. Yet it was used on me and other slaves known to me as a means of further conditioning the mind to the realization there was “no place to hide,” as well as traumatize the victim for ensuing programming. it was my experience over the years that A Most Dangerous Game had numerous variations on the primary theme of being stripped naked and turned loose in the wilderness while being hunted by men and dogs. In reality, all “wilderness” areas were enclosed in secure military fencing whereby it was only a matter of time until I was caught, repeatedly raped and tortured.

  Dick Cheney had an apparent addiction to the “thrill of the sport”. He appeared obsessed with playing A Most Dangerous Game as a means of traumatizing mind-control victims, as well as to satisfy his own sexual kinks. My introduction to the game occurred upon arrival at the hunting lodge near Greybull, Wyoming, and it physically and psychologically devastated me. I was sufficiently traumatized for Cheney’s programming as I stood naked in his hunting lodge office after being hunted down and caught. Cheney was talking as he paced around me, “I could stuff you and mount you like a jackalope and call you a two legged dear. Or I could stuff you with this (he unzipped his pants to reveal his oversized penis) right down your throat, and then mount you. Which do you prefer?

  Blood and sweat became mixed with the dirt on my body and slid like mud down my legs and shoulder. I throbbed with exhaustion and pain as I stood unable to think to answer such a question. “Make up your mind,” Cheney coaxed. Unable to speak I remained silent. “You don’t get a choice, anyway. I make up your mind for you. That’s why you’re here. For me to make you a mind. and make you mine/mind. You lost you’re mind a long time ago. Now I’m going to give you one. Just like the Wizard (of Oz) gave scarecrow a brain, the Yellow Brick Road led you here to me. You’ve come such a long, long way for you’re brain, and I will give you one.”Rothschild Sexpionage only hurts the goyim in the end...

  The blood reached my shoes and caught my attention. Had I been further along in my programming, I perhaps would never have noticed such a thing or had the capability to think to wipe it away. But so far, I had only been to MacDill and Disney World for government/military programming. At last, when I could speak, I begged, “If you don’t mind, can I please use your bathroom?”

  Cheney’s face turned red with rage. He was on me in an instant, slamming me back into the wall with one arm across my chest and his hand on my throat, choking me while applying pressure to the carotid artery in my neck with his thumb. His eyes bulged and he spit as he growled, “if you don’t mind me, I will kill you. I could kill you–Kill you–with my bare hands. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last. I’ll kill you any time I goddamn well please.” He flung me onto the cot-type bed that was behind me. there hi finished taking his rage out on me sexually. 

End excerpt

The above excerpt was take from the book ( Trance Formation of America. The true life story of a CIA Mind Control Slave by Cathy O’Brien with Mark Phillips. pg.99,100)

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