Illuminati Jews use mainstream hip-hop to dumb-down blacks

Illuminati Jews use mainstream hip-hop to dumb-down blacks

by Mr. Jibril Muhammad
The So-called Jews portray the so-called American Negro as a Race of ‘Thugs and Buffoons’

Brother Philip A. Muhammad has captured the very essence of the So Called International Jews and their existence, in his thought provoking book “The HipHop Nation: Willie Lynch’s Newest Slave Brother,” Philip has removed the scab and in his no-punches held style has exposed and brought to the surface the mind controlling techniques used by The 10 percent bloodsuckers.

Brother Philip has skillfully pointed out how the so-called American Jew is using the HIPHOP Nation and its Music, to transform slavery from a physical thang to a psychological thang. They are using the HipHop culture, as a tool to dummy down the black population and the population at large to further their effort at world dominance. The American Media, which is controlled by the “so called Jew”, is practicing a new form of Slavery and Genocide, one that uses the Willie Lynch program of enslavement to transform Black America from a physical bondage to an economic, social and psychological bondage.

The American “so- called Jew” has been and is continuing to portray black America as lacking moral character. They continue to shape and provide a medium that allows the HIPHOP Nation to portray the so-called American Negro as a race of thugs and buffoons.  Brother Philip A. Muhammad will walk his readers through an elaborate system of historical collaborations between the media, Corporate America and the American Government that will lead to World Dominance over other Nations and their National Treasures.  – Newest Slave can be purchased here 


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