Back in the days…When Assad was a friend of the west

Back in the days…When Assad was a friend of the west

The Syrian Trangle : Secular Collaborator Al Qaeda Terrorists and Obama’s Double Discourse –

from pages 26/27 of “the politics of empire – the us,israel and the middle east” – by professor james petras – slightly abridged by Smoloko


Do not believe the demonetization of President Assad which is more than overwhelmingly perpetrated by the Zionist dominated western media. The presstitutes and soul-selling media moguls will not tell you Assad has more than willingly bent over backwards for the West and it’s onerous demands made over the years.

For years Bashar al Assad worked closely with the US – as in…

1 – curbing Al Qaeda terrorists;

2 – preventing cross border attacks in Israel

3 – denying sanctuary for Iraqi insurgents fighting against the US occupation of Baghdad and

4 – complying with US policy by withdrawing troops from Lebanon


Syria was a “co-operative adversary”, maintaining regional stability and a tolerant multi-ethno-religious state in a region riven by Islamic and Jewish sectarian violence. But Washington under Rothschild’s errand-boy Obama magnified their differences and prioritized the policy of establishing a submissive client-state. Instead of continuing a policy of diplomatic pressure and tactical collaboration, Zionist power tool of the hour Obama joined with an unholy alliance of Gulf State Islamic autocracies, ex-colonial European powers (especially France and England) ,Israel’s secret services (Mossad ) and Turkey Islamist (Zionist) President Erdogan in arming, financing, training and providing sanctuary to armed Islamic mercenaries led by Al Qaeda brigades. poor Syria was riven by conflict, the economy was destroyed, security was non-existent and millions of refugees fled to Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey and beyond. 

Thousands of Jihadists from afar journeyed to the neighboring countries, received arms, paychecks and terrorist training in pursuit of a “Taliban style” regime in Syria as a springboard to destabilizing pro-US client states in the region. Turkey’s and Egypt’s (under Morsi) intervention on behalf of the Islamic uprising provoked internal mass popular protest, weakening the US collaborator regimes.

Obamas “all or nothing” attempt to establish a Syrian client regime via violence has produced a “no win” situations: either Assad retains power as a less co-operative adversary or the Islamic terrorists establish a regime that serves as a springboard for one, two, and many caliphates. In the midst of this negative scenario, through Russian mediation, Bashar Assad agreed to pursue negotiations with the opposition in Geneva. The Obama regime seized diplomatic failure from the mouth of a face-saving peaceful resolution: it failed to convince the terrorists and rejected the diplomatic option.

The war continues and refugees destabilize neighboring clients and Obama’s incapacity to recognize failures and seek diplomatic ‘half way solutions’ erodes imperial pretensions.

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